Add High-Nutrition Protein Smoothies to Your Daily Regimen

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A fantastic way to lose weight, feel great, and get healthy protein into your diet is to add Performance Inspired’s shakes to your daily regimen.  You can replace breakfast, lunch or even dinner with an all-natural and delicious shake or smoothie a few times throughout the week to help you cut out sugars and wasted calories.

Why should you incorporate protein smoothies into your diet?  Our clean, natural protein powders are low in calories, high in protein, and will keep you feeling full for longer periods of time to help decrease extra snacking in between meals.

But not all shake powders are the same – a lot of them contain unhealthy ingredients with added sugars and artificial sweeteners. By design Performance Inspired Nutrition is different!

You’ll love our robust protein formulas. Here’s why our powders are different:

  • Provides a full 25g of clean whey (most only give you 24g to save money)
  • Bloat free with powerful digestive enzymes and rapid absorption
  • Added fiber for digestive health and weight loss
  • Mixes easily with just a shaker
  • No aspartame or any other artificial ingredients
  • Natural BCAAs for lean muscle support and recovery
  • An amazing value for natural ingredients (artificial is always much cheaper)
  • An incredible natural and clean flavor profile people prefer
  • Added natural enzymes help you get the most protein uptake

Making a daily shake or smoothie has never been easier or healthier!  Our Performance Whey Protein is available in delicious flavors you will love, as do our Vegan, Iso, Diet and Energy, and Mass Gainer!  Many great choices for the entire family!

Instead of a breakfast high in calories, make our seasonal Blueberry Protein Shake for a morning treat. Our simple recipe can be found here.

You can add a smoothie or shake anytime during the day. Instead of ordering fast food for lunch again, make yourself a filling chocolate shake that will last you until dinner (and get your chocolate fix!) If it’s been a crazy long day, don’t stress about cooking dinner, instead make yourself a vanilla shake in minutes.  Fast, easy and healthy!

When you start incorporating protein shakes and smoothies into your diet, prepare to lose weight, be healthy and be satisfied!

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