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This natural gainer will help you recover, rebuild, and train harder. Our smart 900-calorie Smart Gainer has a full 3g of L-glutamine, 5g of creatinefiber, digestive enzymes, and a vitamin and mineral complex to help you make those hard-earned gains. Never again settle for an inferior, junked-up gainer blend that will make you bloated! This high-quality formula has been formulated to help you build lean mass in a healthy way. It comes in amazing natural flavors—Gourmet Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream—in a BIG 6lb container. PI uses only honest formulas and marketing!

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Our delicious 900 calorie Smart Gainer is the smart way to add 50g of quality protein and 155g of carbs to your regimen. Plus, we added in both fiber and digestive enzymes, so you get the very most out of it! Our gainer is loaded with a full 3g of L-glutamine, 5g of creatine, and a vitamin and mineral complex to help you exceed your goals. Recover, rebuild, and train harder—the natural way!

Support a healthy diet with the added nutrition you need by using our smart protein and carb formula. Our Smart Gainer will

  • Increase your muscle size and strength
  • Provide an energy-yielding metabolism boost
  • Boost exercise recovery
  • Maximize weight gain and lean mass objectives—perfect for young and older athletes
  • Help in recovery from a health setback

Enjoy 1-3 times within 2 hours of any meal to ensure that you get all the benefits and absorption from your meals and our gainer. Mix in ½ doses on high-calorie meal days.

Mix into 12-16 ounces of your favorite cold beverage and blend/mix well. The added fiber and enzymes also support digestion, so you get the most from our Smart Gainer!

Give us a shout-out and tag #PerformanceInspired and #InspiredToBeBetter. Real customers are our brand ambassadors!

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Weight 7.2 lbs

Gourmet Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

5 responses to “Mass Gainer”

  1. kennysummers926 says:

    Best Mass Gainer on the market hands-down! It has gotten me from 135 pounds to 155 pounds while also maintaining an 8-10% body fat. Trust me when I tell you, going to the gym 5 days a week and drinking this stuff after every session does the body wonders! Mixes well with added creatine and it tastes phenomenal. I am joining the Air Force very soon so the only way to prepare for basic training is to do it naturally, and nobody does it better than Performance Inspired!?

  2. Ryan Estrada says:

    This product works great! It helped me get off a plateau in my training and assisted me in gaining some serious mass. Gaining 10 lbs with this product really made a positive difference on my body. I got the chocolate milkshake flavor which is really delicious. Love the fact the this mass gainer mixes very well with water/milk. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking a mass gainer.

  3. TomG says:

    Definitely does what it promises . Quality ingredients and tastes great. A little hard to mix so use a blender if you can. Hopefully scoop size issue has been corrected.

  4. bramharkins says:

    This product has truly changed my workout routine. I’ve went from 209LBS to all the way up to 217LBS of muscle in just four very short weeks. I take it immediately after workout. This product is 10/10, highly recommend to anyone of wants to gain muscle mass quick with a proper diet and workout routine.

  5. iiamyourmaster says:

    I have been using this Mass Gainer for a solid year consistently and the results are amazing. I started at 140lbs now I am at a lean 155lbs and body is great shape. Definitely recommend to friends and athletes. It has a great taste as well for shakes.

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