What Is Protein and Why Does My Body Need It?

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Define Protein Proteins are complex substances that consist of amino acids and contain various essential elements and biological compounds. Our […]

How Much Cardio Do You Need?

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Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio for short, is essential for optimum health. In other words, you NEED cardio exercise in your […]

Cravings Killers By Justin James

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Many of you have noticed that when you start an exercise program or make any kind of general fitness commitment, […]

Performance Inspired Blueberry Protein Shake

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Smooth and delicious, say hello to one of the BEST protein shakes out there! This Blueberry Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe […]

Why Should Women Take Creatine?

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What is creatine? Creatine is a naturally occurring supplement in the body. The human body produces creatine in the kidneys and […]

5 Tricks to Help You Exceed Your Fitness Resolutions

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Hopefully, you haven’t stopped plugging away at your New Year’s fitness resolutions! However, you may be noticing that it’s getting […]

Cardio You Can Do at Home

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Cardiovascular exercise, known as cardio, is vital for good health. It gets your heart rate up, making your blood pump […]

Five Reasons to Start the New Year with Performance Inspired

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The New Year is almost upon us, and if you’re like me (and millions of other people) you’re pondering what […]

Carbohydrate Confusion!

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I think the role of carbohydrates in a healthy diet is one of the most confusing elements of diet and […]

This year you will be in the 20%?

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The new year can be a great starting point to make a change in your life. Whether you’re trying to […]