Check out Mark Wahlberg Workout Video!

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See Mark Wahlberg surprise Amazon customers on Prime Day

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This Amazon Prime Day,  Donna Farizan teamed with actor Mark Wahlberg to surprise some unsuspecting Amazon customers in Los Angeles […]

Mike, a Cranberry Twp police officer, started using PI products to help achieve his goals.

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My name is Mike. I’m a Cranberry Township police officer, and I recently spoke to Tom Dowd about my weight […]

The Athletic “Workout” by Justin James

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Would it be sacrilegious to say that the whole fitness craze has been a bit overrated? Don’t get me wrong. […]

Squatting Movements by Justin James

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Squatting movements and leg days are often people’s least favorite days at the gym. But, these actions need not be […]

Training Movement Patterns

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Pulling Strong, powerful athletes generally have big, strong backs. A commitment to the proper pulling movements will enhance overall strength […]

My 100lb Weight Loss Story by Anthony.

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Here is my weight loss story: I remember waking up one morning, stepping on the scale, and seeing the number […]

Performance Inspired Zinc Plus Insight

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What is Zinc Plus? Zinc Plus (containing zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6) is a supplement most notably […]

Training Movement Patterns Rotational Training and Lunging

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Rotation Rotational training should play a role in everyone’s routine. Rotation is present in nearly every sport, short of powerlifting […]

How to Run in the Heat

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When you are working out in the heat, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind: Stay […]