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Getting Inspired

Inspire To Take On The Day

Just like my professional athlete friends, I am constantly striving to be better and stay strong and healthy. I need to perform at the highest levels and need shorter recovery time after a workout so I can hit it hard again…it does not get easier as you push your body harder or when you get older. It all ties in with getting enough rest, getting the proper nutrition and pushing myself to workout even on the days I’d love to stay in bed. I know it’s not always easy, but I hope to inspire more people to be healthy, even if it starts with just walking 30 minutes a day to running your first half or full marathon.

Inspire To Grind Harder

For Professional Athletes like Draymond Green, Cross Fit, bodybuilders or the 40 year old that is finding it harder to recover, Performance Inspired is made for you. We GRIND HARDER to give you the best products without artificial ingredients, with meaningful formulas, without the marketing and label BS. Mark Wahlberg’s first commandment from day one was if we are going to do this, we have to do it better, we have to be proud of everything we make and we must give back to charity….simple but powerful! This is the foundation of Performance Inspired.

It’s not easy or cheap building High Performance products that do not cut corners to save money or use cheap ingredients (like Maltodextrin, as one example). You are working hard for your money and to be a healthy, better person and you deserve a clean product you can trust. PI respects our customers and our products start with honest formulas and end with honest and real marketing of people who actually use our products. We don’t pay people to pretend they love our products (we get 10+ requests a week from people that never even tried PI) and we won't use misleading/weak/small studies to sell our products.

We manufacture to the highest standards and we test our finished products with an outside lab to protect our Professional Athlete Partners as well as the weekend warrior -- Anyone who is looking for a natural line that is not loaded with edgy unproven ingredients and ridiculous claims will find it here. We started Performance Inspired nutrition to Inspire people to live a better life, to provide a better choice and to give back to charity from our net profits.

We push ourselves hard to be the best in everything we do and Performance Inspired is no different for our amazing team of successful people that grind hard and have the highest standards! We have a better business model and we don’t need to price our products to support a huge organization and a team of "pretend" Brand Ambassadors. As a result, YOU get better and natural products with powerful, value added formulas you can trust….at a great price!

It’s harder to do it right, but our names are on the front of every product because we take pride in our products. Trade up to a better brand, you deserve it and we would love to have you join the better Sports Nutrition Revolution!

Inspire To Be Natural

To live better and workout harder you need nutrition you can trust and in efficacious amounts, meaning we don't junk up our products with ingredients that are not in the proper dose. To the Performance Inspired team we think it’s ridiculous for somebody to accept artificial and synthetic products in their sports nutrition products that they are using to be healthy.

Inspire To Be Better

I have been pushing my body hard throughout my career, having to gain weight and lose weight for roles. It’s extremely hard to maintain a healthy level of fitness when you put your body though so much stress and change. The one thing I know is that there are no shortcuts! I’ve never taken a risk with shortcut products that over-promise or use weak science to make claims. So many products oversell you with weak clinical studies and misleading label claims that it has hurt the sports nutrition space and has caused a lack of trust and confusing customers so we are resetting the bar and starting clean! We created a natural solution for the casual or professional athlete with Performance Inspired.


Performance Inspired will be available at national retailers once we launch the product on our website. Keep checking back as we will update the website as we bring retailers on board.

Tell Us

As they say, "sharing is caring" and we care about you and your story. We hope to inspire you as well as others to give back through kindness, charity and to live a healthy lifestyle. Inspire us with your story.