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The Smartest Mass Gainer for the Hard Gainer

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Our Delicious 900 Calorie Gainer is the smart way to add 50g of quality protein and 155g of Carbs to your regimen.

Then, we added in both Fiber and Digestive Enzymes so you get the very most out of this gainer!

Loaded with 3g of L-Glutamine, 5g of Creatine and a Vitamin and Mineral complex to help you exceed your goals.

Recover, Build and Train harder — the natural way!


TOP QUESTION: Why did Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd start Performance Inspired?

Answer – There was a void in the market for trustworthy, high performance sports nutrition for us, our family & friends. The current mix of brands with over-hyped marketing claims with juiced up bodybuilders confuses and misleads customers, but provided one of the inspirations to start PI. Our many professional athlete friends were in need of clean, natural yet high performance products without unproven/edgy ingredients. As the industry retailer, Tom spotted the growing active lifestyle consumer in the mass market who was demanding better quality and value in meaningful high-end formula. We put our names on the labels to show our commitment to being better!
Helping Inspiring people to live an active & healthy lifestyle while giving back through our charity commitment are the top reasons we started PI….giving us the most joy and pride!

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