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Our Mission and why Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd started Performance Inspired.

Answer - There was a void in the market for trustworthy, high performance, clean & natural sports nutrition. The current mix of brands with over-hyped marketing claims, junked up formulas with juiced up bodybuilder ads confuses and misleads customers, this was the inspirations to start PI and simply do it better!  
As a 25 year veteran and EVP, GM, CMO of GNC, Tom Dowd spotted the growing active lifestyle consumer in the mass market who was demanding better value and great formulas, so Tom left to work with Mark Wahlberg and they put their money in and people responded in a big way!  As owners we put our names on the labels to show our commitment and pride in our products, no hiding behind a large company and every day we are 100% involved and driven to be better.
Our Mission – Helping to Inspire people to live a more active & healthy lifestyle while giving back through our charity commitment. Giving back and inspiring people gives us the most joy and pride!
You will Love our products and Thank You for checking us out!   Inspire To Be Better!    

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