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We’ve entered the time of year when temptation lurks around every corner. Cookies here, cakes and pies there, fancy drinks on the table, special meals with friends: It’s hard to say no.

We know you’ve worked hard all year to lose weight, gain muscle instead of fat, and ramp up your work routine. We have supported you, encouraged you, and provided you with great snacks and healthy drinks to keep you motivated and focused on your health journey.

Now is no different. That’s why we want to offer you some practical advice to get you through the next few weeks. Below are six things you can do to stay healthy this holiday season.

1) Watch portion sizes.

Parties are fun and full of delicious foods to try. Remember, moderation is key. Try a sliver instead of a large piece of cake or pie. Instead of several cookies, have just a couple. Ditch filling your plate with every item on the counter, and just choose a few favorites or a few new things to try. It’s okay to indulge. Just don’t overdo it. Also, remember it takes about 20 mins for your body to realize you are full – so eat slowly before you go for refills!

2) Make good choices.

Spending hours at parties lends itself to snacking, picking at food and drink, and eating much more than you normally would. So when you find yourself in these situations, look for healthy options: raw veggies, low-carb fruits, cheeses, and meats. Stay away from processed foods and foods high in sugar like chips and desserts. If you’re at a party where there are sweet drinks or alcohol, have a glass of water for everyone’s “party” drink. That will keep you from filling up with empty calories.

3) Continue to exercise.

This time of year gets busy, and it’s so easy to just skip the workout. But, while you may not be able to get to the gym, you can likely find a way to get some exercise in. Take a walk around the neighborhood with your family. Go on a hike together. Throw the football around in the yard. Go miniature golfing—or real golfing! You will benefit from any activity that gets you up and moving.

4) Stock up on PI snacks.

Our sweet tooth really kicks in this time of year. We see chocolates and other goodies, and we can’t help but succumb to the enticement. Kick those cravings with PI’s protein cookies or with our Inspired-Bar 2.0. You will get to enjoy the taste of something delicious without subjecting your body to unhealthy ingredients and food packed with calories and bad fat.

5) Check out our recipes.

Our blog has lots of great recipes for healthy alternatives, such as protein blueberry muffins, blueberry donuts, a spiced beet chai latte, and more. Instead of making something packed with empty calories, try one of our good-for-you recipes. You won’t be sorry!

6) Stay hydrated!

Extra snacks and desserts take their toll on our bodies. If we don’t constantly flush our bodies out, they tend to get run down, extra tired, and bloated. So, drink plenty of water. Water will even help you feel fuller, which leads to a decreased desire for snacks. If you want something with flavor, try our Ready2Go Protein Water. With no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, this good-for-you drink will not only help you stay hydrated, but because it is flavored with real fruit juice, it will satisfy your cravings for sweets. And if you want delicious water with caffeine that will serve as a great pick-me-up, try our Go-Time Protein & Energy Water. Made with pure isolate protein and clean and natural coffeeberry caffeine, this water will help fuel your workouts and recovery.

Let’s face it: We’re all going to enjoy treats this holiday season. And that’s okay! But if you follow the steps outlined above, your healthy routine will not become too derailed during these next few weeks, and you will not have to panic about stepping on the scale when the holidays have ended.

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