What’s the Best Protein Powder for Bigger Muscles?

to build up muscle mass keep an eye on your protein intake

Whether you are a veteran gym goer or a newbie to fitness, if one of your goals is to build up muscle mass, then keeping an eye on your protein intake can have a serious impact on your success. No matter how many deadlifts, squats, or bench presses you do, if your nutrition isn’t up to par your progress in muscle gain just won’t measure up. Plus, a lack of proper protein can lead you to feel overtired during a workout, causing subpar performance. Luckily, thanks to the power of protein supplements, meeting your protein goals can be simple.

Why is Protein Powder Important for Muscle Gains?

Protein is an essential component for building and repairing your muscles and is especially crucial when you are putting them through intense workouts. The more efficiently your muscles can repair and recover post workout, the more impressive your gains will be – this is where a good post workout protein shake or bar can come in handy. Adding a pre-workout protein boost can also help you power through a challenging workout, bumping up your performance like never before.

What is the Best Protein Powder for Building Muscle?

The top protein powders for muscle gain will have a good dose of high-quality protein, preferably sourced from whey or a whole, plant-based source. These proteins are processed efficiently by your body, especially whey.

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When you are searching for the healthiest protein powder for muscle building, it is critical to take a close look at the ingredients label. Avoid protein supplements that use artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or fillers, because those will only detract from your health goals and possibly muscle gains. Reputable companies like PI Nutrition use a high-quality protein, with protein supplements that are tested and proved to work.

The best whey protein for building muscle will be all-natural, like PI Nutrition’s Ripped Whey or Performance Whey. Also, look for protein powder that tastes delicious, so you can enjoy drinking it and using it in a variety of protein-rich recipes.

What is the Best Protein Supplement for Men Versus for Women?

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Because men generally have higher caloric and protein needs, they should choose a protein supplement designed specifically for gains. Performance Inspired has an excellent Performance Mass Gainer protein powder that includes an impressive 50 grams of protein per serving, plus excellent carbohydrate and fiber content.

What is the Best Way to use Protein Supplements?

For those looking to gain muscle, a post-workout protein supplement is one of the best ways to see a boost in progress. Rounding out your protein intake during the day will have a positive impact as well, especially paired with meeting your other nutritional goals.

For high-quality, delicious protein supplements, browse the Performance Inspired selection today, and get ready for seriously exciting muscle gains.

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