Why PI Nutrition is The Best Whey Protein Brand

PI Nutrition - Why Our Whey Protein is the Best in the World

When it comes to choosing your whey protein supplements, you are concerned about your health. It’s not enough to just accept the first whey protein brand that you find on the shelf. There are vast differences in the quality and consistency of the protein powder you are purchasing. That’s why Performance Inspired Nutrition has focused on becoming the very best whey protein brand in the world. Here’s how we’ve done it.

The Performance Inspired Difference…

Without further ado, here’s why our protein supplements get the best results.

About Whey Protein

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Whey protein is a particular form of protein extracted from the byproducts of milk and cheese. It is turned into a powder form that can be added to beverages to enhance your performance at the gym. Today, whey protein is one of the most widely used nutritional supplements around the world.

What does whey protein do for you? Well, as you exercise and move around, your body goes through a natural process of replacing muscle tissue. Most people experience between 1.5 percent and 2 percent of muscle turnover every day. For people who work out regularly and push themselves to the limit, this process can be accelerated. However, your body is also burning off the excess protein in this process, which leads to weight and muscle loss along the way. The best way to overcome this is to introduce extra protein in the form of whey supplements.

Whey protein can help you build muscle without taking in any unnecessary calories or fat. Simply put, it is the surest way to build muscle as you work out. This protein goes straight to work on repairing and rebuilding your muscles after you work out so you will feel refreshed and ready to hit the gym again.

Why PI Nutrition’s Whey Protein is Different

Several factors can impact the quality of a whey protein powder. One of the most important is the actual concentration of protein in the powder. As you read the ingredient list of PI Nutrition’s Ripped Whey Protein, you’ll notice that our product offers 25 grams of protein in a single serving, far above our competitors. As a consumer, it is essential that you inspect different whey protein brands to see precisely how much protein you are getting for yourself.

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We have achieved this higher concentration of protein in our powdered mixes by leaving out all of the empty filler materials. We also made sure that there are no synthetic additives or unknown proprietary blends that could change the way your body absorbs and processes the protein. With PI Nutrition’s Performance Whey Protein, you are getting a completely natural protein supplement that will augment any diet.

Trying Whey Protein for the First Time

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If you’ve never used a whey protein additive before, you’ll be relieved to find that it is effortless. Each canister of powder comes with a measuring scoop and clear directions for how to mix your protein shakes. We offer chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries and cream flavors that are delicious when mixed with milk or water.

Many people also choose to mix these flavors with frozen yogurt and fresh fruit to create a tasty smoothie. As long as you follow the dosage instructions on the back of the can you will achieve the perfect amount of protein for your body to work with.

Before or After

There is plenty of debate regarding whether you should take your protein shake before or after your workout. In reality, there are two different products to consider. For instance, our Ripped Whey Protein is designed to be a pre-workout drink. When taken up to 30 minutes before your workout, it delivers extra energy-boosting vitamins to increase your performance.

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Meanwhile, the Performance Whey Protein powder is designed for after-workout recovery. It includes a number of nutrients and enzymes that help your body process better. This will improve your digestion and muscle rebuilding rate after a strenuous exercise session.

By comparing the ingredients of the two protein options, it is easy to see how each one has its purpose. You should always check to make sure that you are taking your protein at the proper time based on the ingredients and their effects on your muscles and body.


There are few recorded cons associated with using whey protein. In most cases, the most prominent complaints have to do with bloating immediately after the post-workout shake. Extensive studies have been produced regarding the effects of whey protein on bodily functions, including the kidneys, liver, and other major organs. So far those studies have shown that there are no adverse health impacts caused by whey protein consumption; even among those who use it daily as part of their workout regimen.

Who Can Use Whey Protein

PI Nutrition - Why Our Whey Protein is the Best in the World - Teens

While we’re discussing the pros and cons of whey, it’s also important to note that there isn’t an age limit on whey protein. Teens who are very active and working out as part of an extracurricular sport can safely take whey protein to assist with their performance. You can even tone down the dosage and add a small sprinkle to their morning smoothie to get the day started right.

Ready to Try Performance Inspired Nutrition for Yourself?

Now that you can see the importance of whey protein for athletes, it is easy to see why choosing all-natural protein from PI Nutrition is very important. This ensures that you are getting the highest quality and concentration of proteins available, alongside other helpful nutrients and enzymes to assist with your body’s processing.

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