Simple Tips for Injury Prevention

A gym injury can really set you back on your journey to stay in shape! Below are some simple tips that will help you keep fit without injury at the gym.

Tip 1 – Warm-up EVERY Exercise

It’s surprising how many people will jump straight into weight training or a treadmill run at the gym without even bothering to stretch and do warm-up exercises.

Even if you’re in excellent condition, your muscles and tendons will be tight when you first arrive at the gym. If you don’t stretch, you can  risk a strain or rupture from overextending or twisting a joint the wrong way, some of the most common workout injuries.

Tip 2 – Listen to Your Body

“No pain, no gain” might be the worst saying! Listen to your body when it speaks to you, and if you’re hurting, take a break from your workout.

Tip 3 – Nutrition

Athletes need to be serious about their diets, because, as we know, our energy comes from our food. If you aren’t eating properly—whether it’s too much, not enough, or the wrong stuff—you are putting your body at unnecessary risk of injury.


So there you have it, simple training strategies to prevent gym injuries in both the short and long term, all without compromising your training progress!

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