Micronized Creatine 101: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

micronized creatine

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance that helps the body create energy. It is found in red meat and fish and can also be produced by the human body. Creatine is popular among athletes and bodybuilders because it can help improve strength, power, and muscle mass. Recently, a new form of creatine has become popular among fitness enthusiasts: micronized creatine. What is micronized creatine, and what are the benefits?

Why Do People Use Creatine?

Before we discuss what micronized creatine is, let’s discuss why creatine is used in the first place. Athletes, bodybuilders, and others looking to put on muscle mass typically utilize creatine. And it is also popular among people trying to improve their strength and power. Creatine can help you gain muscle mass by increasing your ability to produce energy during exercise. It can also help you improve your strength and power by providing your muscles with more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy source muscles use for short bursts of activity.

Did you know that creatine is one of the most researched supplements available to athletes and those looking to get into strength training? Approximately 70% of these studies have shown that creatine has shown performance improvements, while none of them have shown that creatine can cause detriment to those that use it.

You also may be wondering, if creatine is naturally occurring in the body, why use it? The body carries, on average, about 120 mg of creatine. Utilizing the supplement can then increase this to close to 160 mg, creating more power output and increasing results.

Micronized Creatine

Micronized creatine is a type of creatine supplement that has been processed to be more easily absorbed by the body. Creatine is a compound found naturally in muscle cells and plays a vital role in energy production. When taken as a supplement, it can help to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass. Micronized creatine is created by breaking down creatine molecules into smaller particles. On average, the particles are 20 times smaller than the creatine monohydrate. This makes it more soluble and more accessible for the body to absorb. As a result, it is often considered to be more effective than other types of creatine supplements. In addition, micronized creatine does not tend to cause the same side effects, such as stomach upset, that is sometimes associated with other supplement forms.

Micronized Creatine Vs. Creatine Monohydrate

While monohydrate creatine is the most popular form of creatine, micronized creatine is becoming increasingly popular. This is because it is easier for the body to absorb and use. Additionally, micronized creatine does not cause the bloating and water retention that monohydrate creatine can cause, making it a more comfortable choice for many people. Another key difference is that monohydrate creatine is commonly sold in pills, powder, and capsules, whereas micronized creatine is marketed primarily as a powder.

The Benefits Of Micronized Creatine

There are many benefits associated with micronized creatine, and perhaps the most significant advantage is that it can help improve strength and power output. However, as mentioned earlier, creatine is a well-researched supplement, and the benefits are extensive.

Increased Solubility

One of the main benefits of micronized creatine is that it is more soluble than regular monohydrate creatine, which means that it can be dissolved in liquids more quickly and is less likely to cause stomach upset. Micronized creatine also mixes more easily than other types of creatine, and this can be a significant advantage if you take creatine in powder form.

Increased Muscle Growth

After approximately 5-7 days, you may find that it results in increased muscle mass when you begin taking micronized creatine. The reason for this is that creatine increases water in your muscles. The increase in water content is essentially an increase in cell size, known as cell volumization, increasing muscle size.

Reduce Tiredness

Micronized creatine is a type of supplement that effectively reduces tiredness and improves energy levels. The reason for this is due to the increased energy that it provides your body. Creatine is a molecule produced naturally by your body and is essential for producing ATP. When you take micronized creatine, you are essentially increasing the amount of ATP your body can produce, leading to more energy and power output. This makes it an ideal choice for athletes and bodybuilders who are training hard and need to maintain their energy levels. In addition, micronized creatine has also been shown to improve mental focus and vigilance, making it a good choice for those looking to enhance their cognitive performance.

Improve Brain Functions

One of the lesser-known benefits of micronized creatine is that it can help improve brain function. This is because it helps increase ATP levels in the brain, which is essential for proper brain function. ATP, the body’s form of energy, is needed in higher amounts in the brain when performing demanding tasks. Furthermore, the usage of micronized creatine increases dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and hormone, and it is involved in various vital bodily functions, including movement, memory, and pleasurable reward and motivation. Dopamine levels are linked to a variety of mental and neurological conditions.

Increase Energy Production

As mentioned earlier, micronized creatine can also help to increase energy production. This is because it helps increase ATP levels in the body, which is essential for proper cell function. If you recall your high school biology class, you may remember that ATP, which stands for adenosine triphosphate, is the body’s energy source. As you exercise, your body breaks down ATP to create energy. However, your body’s ability to produce more determines if you will continue to perform at your max intensity level. Micronized creatine can help improve your overall performance by providing what it needs to create ATP faster, keeping you performing at your maximum level.

Better Athletic Performance

One of the main reasons people take micronized creatine is to improve their athletic performance. And there’s a good reason for this, as micronized creatine has been shown to help increase strength, power, and endurance. It can also help you recover from exercise faster, which can lead to better athletic performance.

Micronized creatine helps to increase performance by increasing the phosphocreatine levels in the muscles, which in turn leads to increased ATP production. As we discussed earlier, ATP is the energy currency of the cells, so more ATP means more energy available for working muscles. This can lead to better performance in short-term bursts of activity (like sprinting) and long-term endurance activities (like distance running).

This is ideal for high-intensity training such as:

  • Sprinting
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Power-lifting
  • Cross-fit training

It can also help improve power output. This is because it helps to replenish glycogen stores more quickly, meaning that your muscles will have more glucose available for energy production. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose, which your muscles use for fuel during exercise. Therefore, having more glycogen available can improve performance when lifting weights or participating in other activities requiring explosive movements.

Prevention of Neurological Diseases

Creatine has been demonstrated to enhance memory and cognitive performance in persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases when taken as a supplement. Additionally, creatine has been shown to protect the brain from damage caused by stroke and other forms of trauma. In addition to its cognitive benefits, creatine protects against muscle wasting and weakness. This benefit is thought to be because creatine helps maintain energy levels in cells, which is essential for healthy muscle function. Consequently, creatine may be an effective treatment for various neurological diseases.

Creatine has also been shown to have potential benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a neurological condition that affects movement and can cause tremors, stiffness, and difficulty balancing. Some research suggests that taking creatine may help to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s by boosting levels of the dopamine chemical. Dopamine is responsible for transmitting brain signals that help control movement. Additionally, creatine may help to protect neurons from damage and improve brain function. While more research is needed to confirm the potential benefits of creatine for people with Parkinson’s disease, it is an intriguing possibility that could one day help to improve the quality of life for those living with this condition.

Easy And Safe

Since it has been studied for more than 200 years, creatine is safe to use over an extended period of time. Clinical investigations that lasted up to five years found no adverse effects in healthy subjects. Additionally, supplementing is incredibly simple. There is no need to cycle off this supplement as you might with other ones; you can combine it with water or other liquids. Micronized creatine is a safe and efficient choice for increasing muscle mass or improving workout performance.

How Often Should You Use Micronized Creatine?

It is recommended to take micronized creatine daily to maintain optimal levels in the body. However, some people choose to cycle their creatine usage, taking it for 5-7 days and then taking a break for two weeks. This allows the body to “reset” and return to its baseline levels of creatine before supplementation begins again. Daily usage is recommended if you want to maintain healthy levels of creatine in your body. However, cycling may be a better option if you want to increase your levels quickly. Talk with your doctor or a certified nutritionist to find out what option is best for you.

When Is The Best Time To Take Creatine?

Most people take creatine before or after workouts to help their muscles recover. However, you can also take it on an empty stomach or before bed first thing in the morning. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter when you take creatine as long as you’re consistent with it. 

While there is no definitive answer to the question of when is the best time to take creatine, most experts recommend consuming it before or after a workout. Some research suggests that taking creatine immediately before exercise may help to improve power output, while other studies show that taking it after exercise may help to reduce muscle soreness. Ultimately, the best time to take creatine may vary depending on an individual’s goals and fitness level. 

How Much Micronized Creatine Should I Take?

The recommended dose of micronized creatine is 3-5 grams per day, and it should be taken with a carbohydrate-rich meal or shake for the best results. When taken as directed, micronized creatine is safe and effective for most people. However, it is imperative to seek medical advice before beginning any supplement program.

Do I Have To Take Creatine To See Results?

While you don’t have to take micronized creatine to see results, it is highly recommended. The particle size of micronized creatine has been reduced during processing, making it easier for the body to absorb and use. As a result, micronized creatine is often used as a dietary supplement to improve exercise performance and increase muscle mass. While you don’t have to take micronized creatine to see results, it is highly recommended.

Why Take PI Micronized Creatine?

Overall, micronized creatine benefits everyone, no matter what you train for or what your fitness goals are. It is among the most well-liked supplements available, and for a good reason. It’s affordable, effective, and safe for most people. Micronized creatine is an excellent option to improve exercise performance or increase muscle mass. Creatine is one of the few “no-brainers” in fitness and nutrition. 

Creatine is a popular supplement that has been shown to increase strength, power, and muscle mass. However, not all creatine products are created equal. Performance Inspired’s Micronized Creatine is a top-quality supplement to help you get the most out of your workouts. The micronized particles in this supplement are small enough to be easily absorbed by the body, meaning you’ll see results faster. In addition, this creatine is cruelty-free and banned substance tested, so you can be sure it’s safe and effective. Performance Inspired’s Micronized Creatine is a perfect choice if you’re trying to get a creatine supplement that will help you advance your workouts.

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