Should Women Take Creatine?

Should Women Take Creatine

You care about your physical health, which is why you work out and eat a healthy diet as much as possible. You’ve also heard about dietary supplements that have helped other athletes get in even better shape.

In particular, you’ve heard about men taking creatine supplements to boost their exercise performance. So, you might be asking yourself: should women take creatine, too?

The good news is you’re at the right article to help you decide if creatine might be right for you. Detailed below is everything you need to know about whether creatine is a good supplement choice for women. 

Remember that the dietary supplement industry made over $151 billion in 2021 alone, so you wouldn’t be alone in your curiosity. Keep reading to learn more about how creatine might affect your day-to-day health.

What Is Creatine? 

If you’ve heard about creatine supplements within today’s gym culture, it’s probably been associated with men beefing up their size and weight. They’ll use creatine to work out harder and longer in order to gain muscle mass.

For that reason, many women have shied away from taking creatine because they fear it won’t keep them lean when they exercise. This, though, is a myth we’re going to debunk. Rather, creatine is an extra energy boost that can contribute to whatever fitness results you desire. 

We actually all have creatine naturally existing in our bodies. It’s stored in our muscles and liver, in particular, as a source of energy. When we work out, our muscles use creatine for energy to complete the exertion. 

Many people receive additional creatine when they eat red meat, pork, or other meats. For vegans and vegetarians, then, taking creatine supplements might be more worthwhile to consider. 

Creatine isn’t necessary to take as a supplement for your overall nutritional balance like vitamins, though. It’s better used in conjunction with your exercise routine so that it’s a more powerful workout session. 

The Benefits of Taking Creatine

Creatine sustains your muscles’ energy levels during any physical exercise. So, perhaps its greatest benefit to your body is the prevention of fatigue.

If you’re running on the treadmill or doing sit-ups to work on your abs, it’s understandable to get tired after a long time or a lot of reps. That’s when a burst of creatine energy might be just what you need to keep pushing. For high-intensity exercise activities such as swimming or cycling, creatine can be the key to an amazing, successful session.

It’s also worth noting that creatine has been known to help reduce body fat in both men and women. That means you don’t need to worry about getting too “bulky” after your workouts. Instead, make the creatine work for whatever fitness goal you have in mind.

Other non-fitness related benefits of creatine supplements have to do with keeping the body healthy and youthful for longer. For one thing, it can protect your bone health, which is of particular value for women. In addition, some studies suggest it can help prevent neurological and heart health issues as you age.

Should Women Take Creatine Like Men Do?

For many reasons, women should feel just as empowered to take creatine supplements as men do. If you want your exercise routine to get to the next level of high performance, this might be just what you need. (Remember, it’s still important to keep your physician in the loop with any health decisions you make.)

Research suggests that additional creatine levels in women can do more than just help with physical fitness, though. You can also expect an improvement in your overall mood and cognitive function

Plus, a unique benefit of creatine supplements for women is the correlation between creatine and estrogen levels. Some research still needs to be done, but creatine might prove useful during a woman’s menstrual cycle and after menopause. 

Since creatine specifically supports bone health and skeletal muscle mass, post-menopausal women should highly consider taking creatine. Take the time to talk with your physician about whether adding regular creatine supplements to your diet might be a good idea.  

Combine Taking Your Creatine Supplements with Other Healthy Habits

If you do decide to add extra creatine to your body, don’t just leave it at that. Creatine supplements are going to be the most powerful when you combine them with other healthy habits you already have in place. 

Continue your existing exercise routine for the best results from added creatine energy. You might even be able to consider adding higher intensity activities to further your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables too. Whether or not you eat meat, getting enough nutritional value from fruits and veggies will be critical for your long-term health and happiness. 

It’s possible that you’re still developing your ideal health routine. If that’s the case, consider checking out this article about fitness tips you should know about. 

You Deserve to Look and Feel Your Best

At the end of the day, it’s important that you make the best health decisions for you. This might mean you take your creatine supplements to help with your menopausal side effects, or you might take it just for your exercise routine.

When we focus on building a healthy lifestyle, the positive effects are endless. Even industry experts assert that physical exercise can benefit your career path. For this reason and many more, consider adding creatine supplements to your health and wellness journey.

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