The Supplements Mark Wahlberg Uses To Get Ready for His Movies

PI Nutrition - Supplements Mark Wahlberg Uses to Get Ready for Movies

When you hear Mark Wahlberg’s name, it’s likely that at least a handful of his blockbuster movies come to mind. He’s had countless successful films throughout his exciting acting career, skillfully playing roles that range from comedy to action to thriller. As an actor, Mark must stay in pique physical condition, not only to look the part, but also to be able to possess the strength and endurance required for his demanding roles. As you can imagine, long days on the set performing stunt after stunt as an action hero would be exhausting; if he did not physically prepare.

It might seem as if Mark makes it look easy; an effortless model of muscle and strength. However, just like anyone else, he has had to work hard to achieve his level of fitness and health. He first broke into the world of entertainment as a wild teenager and quickly learned a lot about what it took to be a star. His musical and acting endeavors required a incredible amount of dedication and commitment and he had to not only hone his craft, but also work hard to be in the best physical shape possible.

For Mark Wahlberg, men’s fitness has always been a passion. He is a longtime student of bodybuilding and a master in the gym. Over the years, he has perfected a process for preparing his body for film roles, incorporating both mental and physical conditioning. Many of his fans have wondered what this process looks like, and how Mark stays in the incredible shape that he is so well-known for. Now, we’re breaking down his top secrets for living like a true action star.

Mental Strength

PI Nutrition - Supplements Mark Wahlberg Uses to Get Ready for Movies: Mental Strength

Mark is often recognized for his incredible physique, which he works very hard to sculpt and strengthen. However, many people don’t realize that he also possesses admirable mental fortitude with a powerful mindset that has enabled him to exceed so many of his life goals. When he is preparing for a new film role, it is important for Mark is be mentally prepared for the intense work. Being a star requires long days on set, often repeating a single scene time and time again until it is perfect.

To get ready for this challenge, Mark sharpens his focus, zeroing in on his central goals for his performance. As with many successful actors, he takes time to learn as much about his role as possible, putting himself in the shoes of his character before even filming a single scene.

Another important aspect of preparing for filming involves mentally prioritizing all of the important tasks in his life that will need to mesh with a busy work schedule. Mark is a family man and works hard to balance his career and time at home with family. So he puts a lot of preparation and effort into making sure that he has a solid plan for his work schedule, one that allows him to still stay true to his wife and children. As devoted as he is to his career, Mark always puts family first.

As any successful person will tell you, a large part of reaching and exceeding your goals is in the mental preparation. Mark Wahlberg is an incredible demonstration of the power of mental strength, and the way it can propel you to bigger and better things.

Optimal Health

PI Nutrition - Supplements Mark Wahlberg Uses to Get Ready for Movies: Optimal Health

To stay healthy in the demanding environment of filming his next blockbuster film, Mark Wahlberg has to treat his body as a finely-tuned machine. Coming down with the flu or a cold in the middle of shooting could seriously derail his work for up to several days at a time. This would be expensive in terms of both money and time, so avoiding illness is important to Mark.

So he takes steps to maximize his health, focusing largely on immunity. A daily multivitamin ensures that all his body systems are running at optimal levels, receiving the exact components needed for peak health. Rather than use a low-quality vitamin that contains fillers and added ingredients, Mark chooses to stick with Performance Inspired Nutrition products. As one of the founders of Performance Inspired, Mark knows that every one of the supplements is packed with good-for-you ingredients and avoids any of the junk.

He also likes to add in PI Nutrition’s Tumeric Curcumin Capsules for a potent boost of antioxidants. As a natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric is an excellent addition to anyone’s daily routine. Finally, when Mark is looking for an energy enhancement to get him through a particularly challenging prep day, he turns to the green tea leaf extract, green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia of the Performance Inspired Performance Diet and Energy supplement.

This combination of vitamins and supplements helps Mark be sure that his body is running at peak levels and is ready to undergo the intense demands of filming.

Maximized Nutrition

Part of Mark’s role preparation often involves packing on lean muscle mass. In past films, he has packed on as much as 40 pounds of muscle, pushing his body to new levels of fitness. As anyone who is working to gain muscle can tell you, a lot of the work is actually done in the kitchen. Properly nourishing his body and meeting its nutritional needs is what allows Mark to be in such incredible shape.

The trademark Mark Wahlberg workout supplement is a high-quality protein powder, which aids in muscle building and recovery. He needs something that packs a protein punch but doesn’t contain an ingredient that can derail his nutritional goals. Ingredients like artificial sweeteners, fillers, and added chemicals can interfere with his goals, which is why he was so committed to creating a clean protein supplement, one that he could use himself.

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For films in which he needs to have maximum muscle mass, Mark reaches for PI Nutrition’s Mass Gainer. With 900 calories worth of protein and pure power, Mass Gainer is ideal for recovering and building gains from hardcore workouts. Mark knows that significant physical output requires a matching nutritional input, especially when you are looking to increase your mass.

As you can imagine, Mark has a busy schedule, especially during prep time for a film. To make sure he stays on track with his daily nutrition goals, he always has a PI Inspired-Bar on hand. The 20 grams of protein and 18 grams of fiber will keep his appetite satisfied until his next meal because running a body without proper fuel never works. Also, he incorporates a pure creatine supplement as needed, the third player in his focused nutritional plan. With 99.9 percent pure creatine, Performance Inspired Nutrition’s Pure Micronized Creatine gives him the fire he needs to get the job done.

Along with maximizing his protein intake, Mark also focuses on adding plenty of clean foods like lean meats, vegetables and egg whites to his diet. Sugar is cut to a minimum, since it can interfere with his end goals. Additionally, a demanding workout routine requires a high calorie intake, so it is important that he eat nutritionally dense meals and snacks on a frequent basis. When Mark is working towards large gain goals, this can mean getting up in the middle of the night to eat so that his body has constant fuel. Being diligent about his nutrition is an integral part of his successful preparation process for the next big role.

Targeted Fitness

Finally, one area of Mark’s preparation process that probably the most substantial number of people ask about is his fitness routine. Anyone that looks at Mark and sees his incredible physical condition knows that his body is one that has been built through dedication and hard work in the gym. After years of refining his workouts, Mark has established a routine that pushes him towards peak physical condition time and time again.

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As you have learned, preparation is the name of the game for Mark Wahlberg. Pre-workout, he gets ready by downing PI Nutrition’s Pre-Workout Protein. The list of beneficial ingredients totals to more than 12,000 milligrams of pure power, providing him with the energy he needs to tackle his workout. For Mark, pre-workout supplement options should be free of artificial ingredients and fillers, and should only incorporate clean and beneficial ingredients.

His general workout routine involves a highly targeted resistance training plan, incorporating full body moves as well as moves that aim for the improvement of a specific muscle group. Barbell deadlifts are a classic ingredient in his gym repertoire, combined with barbell squats, inverted rows and bench presses. Stretching is critical, and Mark always advises that you incorporate stretching into the beginning and end of your resistance training, no matter how intense your routine. Failing to stretch can mean a longer recovery process, which can slow progress.

To build up cardiovascular endurance, Mark also will complete some type of low-impact cardio. This gives his lungs the capacity needed for when he is chasing down bad guys in his latest film. Staying hydrated, especially during cardio, is critical for success. So Mark wraps up the workout with either a Post Workout BCAA or Re-Hydration Powder. Hydration is required for optimal muscle recovery, refueling your body so that it can handle whatever you throw at it next.

A Recipe for Blockbuster Success

Mark Wahlberg’s preparation process for his blockbuster roles requires dedication, hard work and a determination to succeed. The discipline necessary to reach his level of success is very high, and he understands the importance of minimizing distractions or anything that could take him off track of his goals.

Even if you are not preparing to star in the next big Hollywood action film, there is a lot you can learn from his plan of attack. Fuel your body, treat it with the utmost respect, build up your mental fortitude and push your physical limits. This will enable you to reach new heights of success in whatever you attempt, even beyond your wildest dreams.

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