Answers to Your Most-Researched Mark Wahlberg Health and Fitness Q’s

Let us explain: It’s our job here to monitor what leads Performance Inspired customers to our site, and one of the biggest searches we receive is for Mark Wahlberg stats, as well as essential Mark Wahlberg health and fitness tips. So here are the answers to your most burning questions:

Mark Wahlberg Height and Weight

Let’s get this one out of the way first. We aren’t in the habit of publishing partners’ vital stats on the blog, but considering it gets literally millions of searches each month, we figured we might as well share.

Mark Wahlberg is 5’8” and typically weighs around 185 pounds. He has gotten as trim as 137 for The Gambler and as bulked-up as 212 for Pain and Gain.

Mark Wahlberg’s The Gambler Weight

To lose weight for The Gambler, Mark says, “I [started] from 197. The lightest I’d ever been in a movie was in Boogie Nights, [at] 138 — so I wanted to beat that,” he said at a post-screening discussion. In typical in-it-to-win-it Mark fashion, “I beat it by a pound, so 137. I was losing weight while we were shooting the movie too so continuity kind of went out of the window.” (US Magazine).

Mark Wahlberg’s Pain and Gain Diet and Exercise Plan

To gain weight for Pain and Gain, Mark did this workout, a 3-day workout split. He was 165 after his previous movie, so he had exactly seven weeks to bulk up and put on 56 pounds of lean muscle. In addition to a diligent workout routine, that kind of eight-pounds-a-week gain means he was eating all day long.

He says he ate 10-12 times a day to gain weight for Pain and Gain, but he kept it clean. Think foods like lean meats, egg whites, protein shakes, nutrition bars, and mass gainers. “Sometimes you have to get up in the middle of the night for a meal,” Wahlberg said. “I’d have a big meal and go to bed at 9 p.m., and then I’d get up at midnight to eat again, and I’d still be full from the last meal.” (Men’s Health)

Mark Wahlberg’s Workout While Shooting

Often, when he’s working on other films, Mark jumps rope and hits the bags and mitts (those oversized catcher’s mitts you’ve seen Rocky pound) for maintenance (Men’s Fitness).

Mark Wahlberg’s Workout Between Movies

When he’s between films or, as he says, “When I don’t have to worry about showing up to work with a black eye,” he goes balls-out (Men’s Fitness).

Let’s start with nutrition. Mark told Ellen Degeneres on the Ellen Show that he starts his day with a healthy breakfast at 3 a.m. and hits the gym with a friend immediately after.

“I wake up at three,” he said, “I go down to the kitchen and make myself egg whites, Ezekiel bread, almond butter with a little avocado. I go downstairs, I work out for about an hour with my buddy Jonathan.”

Wahlberg often does the following on a regular basis as well when he’s between movies:

  • Warm up:
    • jumping rope
    • or a few sets of squats on the Power Plate (a machine with a vibrating platform).
  • Workout:
    • 5 minutes each with the speed bag, double-end bag, and heavy bag.
    • Mitt work, practicing punch combinations.
    • Sparring. Roughly 45 minutes. No rest. “My buddies from Boston are always dying to take my head off. Like Andy and Big Bo — they’re very tough. They’ll go 10 rounds if you let them.”
    • Muscle group work
      • Monday – legs, biceps, back
      • Tuesday – chest, shoulders, triceps
      • Wednesday – legs and biceps
      • Two days of rest
      • Starts again on Saturday
    • Bonus points: Do everything wearing a 35-pound vest

The iron work on its own, however, isn’t enough for him. “I do everything wearing a 35-pound weighted vest,” he says (Men’s Fitness).

The Honest Truth

Given that millions of people are searching for Mark Wahlberg’s height, weight, and workout plans each month, but that millions of people don’t look like him, the difference is what you are willing to put in.

Discipline, dedication, and sacrifice are just a few of the tenets of Mark’s life philosophy. He’s a man in control of his own destiny, who works hard and knows what matters in life. His faith and family take precedence, but his fitness, philanthropy and the food he fuels himself with are not far behind. He knows life is ticking by, and you should never waste it!

That said, if you’re ready to put in the time and effort, Performance Inspired Nutrition can help you reach your goals. Our names are on the label because we’re doing it better! You can read it on our labels – our ingredients are all natural and clean! We’re simply over-delivering and doing it better!

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