What you need to know about Plant Based Protein

lactose and gluten free plant based protein


What is Performance Inspired Plant Based Protein?

Our Plant-Based Protein powder is loaded with Probiotics to help with your digestive health. Also known as a vegetarian protein powder, it contains 20g of Multi-Plant Source Protein and 5g of filling fiber with soothing, digestive enzymes. Our Plant-Based Protein contains natural ingredients, 0 sugar alcohols, and no soy. Best of all it is both lactose & gluten free so it can benefit even the most sensitive of digestive systems. Get the boost you need for your routine with our natural plant ingredients to help ease digestion and absorption while growing strength today!

Benefits of Plant Based Protein?

One of the benefits of Plant Based Protein is that it not only supports a healthy lifestyle, but it helps the earth as well. Manufacturing plant-based protein powder is healthy for the environment, and it’s cleaner!
Another benefit of Plant Based Protein is it’s a Metabolism Booster. Since Plant Proteins are usually higher in carbs than regular protein, it takes longer to digest. It is important to eat more protein to help kick your metabolism into gear. Your plant-based protein powder performs double-duty for you to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You have your fiber and protein all in one convenient spot.

Where Can I purchase Plant Based Protein?

You can buy Performance Inspired Nutrition Plant Based Protein at PI-Nutrition.com.
Both flavors Chocolate Delight / Vanilla Bean are currently on sale for $28.99

PI Nutrition Plant Based Protein Powder

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