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Weight Management Bundle

Managing your weight is never easy, let us help! Our Weight Management Bundle products will provide the extra support you need to not only reach your health goals, but to exceed them.

*These bundles cannot be combined with any offers, specials or promos. Except Free Domestic Shipping!

PLUS, Every Bundle Includes:
1) FREE domestic Shipping!
2) One FREE PI Shaker Cup!
3) The Best Natural Products!

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1 × CLA
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6 responses to “Weight Management Bundle”

  1. Todd Carothers says:

    Please let me know when you have the Performance Diet & Energy in stock. I am interested in the Weight Management Bundle.

  2. Jason Jackson says:

    I’m interested in knowing which products to start with? I’m overweight right now, I’m trying to get healthy and starting to exercise. I’m 42 and right now I’m doing the DDPY. What products are the best fit for losing fat and building muscle?

    • Karen Holzer says:

      I would choose one of our protein powders to add clean, Gluten-Free, all-natural protein to your diet. Our Diet & Energy Ripped Whey protein, designed for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds, would be a great choice. You could also consider our Diet & Energy Supplements which provide all day energy and metabolic support, increased stamina and focus. As our supplements are all stackable, you could also go with either our CLA, which aids in fat loss, helps maintain weight loss, retains lean muscle mass, and helps to control type 2 diabetes or our Apple Cider Vinegar, commonly used for weight loss but thought to boost immunity, improve digestion and heal infections to name a few. Our Weight Mangement Bundle would be a great choice and also includes a shaker, T-Shirt and our new Inspired Bars 2.0 – great as a meal replacement or healthy snack.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hello ,

    I am allergic to “ Dairy “ ( sigh )
    That said , do you or do you plan on selling plant based products, protein shakes / bars etc ??

    Thank you!

    Just a small town girl from
    “ Ohio “

    • Karen Holzer says:

      We currently offer our Plant Protein, available in both Chocolate and Vanilla, and we hope to exand our plant-based product offerings in the future.

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