Train & Prepare for Your First Marathon

Congratulations! You have decided to run your first marathon, 26.2 miles. As you may know, you can’t just sign up for a marathon and start running. You need to train and prepare for your first 26.2 miles. This is going to take dedication and time. The first step to running your first marathon, you’ve already started and that’s researching how to train and prepare for your first 26.2 miles. However, what do you do after researching?


Step One: Develop a plan

To train for a marathon, you’ll need to run four days a week. Yes, that’s a lot of running but you need all four days to mentally and physically prepare for that 26.2 miles. Out of those four days, two of those runs should be short. These short runs should be the first two runs you do that week. You should follow those short runs with one long run. The last run you do that week should only be 30 minutes long. All these runs should be at a pace that allows you to hold a conversation. The other three days you need to rest up!!! Never perform workouts on designated rest days. You need those rest days to prepare for your next work out.

Step Two: Buy New Shoes

Once you have that plan developed, you should buy new shoes before you start training.  A shoe life span is between 300-500 miles. If your shoes are worn out right before the race, what do you do? You buy the exact same shoe you’ve been training in. In the past few months, you’ve been using the same shoe model to help you train. Your body has become accustomed to that shoe fit and feel. There is no point in buying a different brand or model. Stick to the same shoe you’ve been practicing and you’ll do yourself and your body a favor.

 Step Three: Fuel Up and Recovery

After all, that running, you are going to be hungry. There is a 30-minute window after a hard run when the body is best able to replenish and utilize the carbohydrates and protein that were used during exercise. You should eat food with a three to one protein to carbohydrate. The easiest way to refuel after a run is to have a protein shake. Performance Inspired Performance Whey protein powder is packed with 25g of protein, 5g of fiber, plus advanced digestive enzymes that mix easily and help avoid bloating. The Performance Whey Protein is the ideal protein shake to have after a run.

Step Four: Have a Race Day Checklist

On race day, the last thing you want to do is worry about if you have everything you need. Two weeks before the marathon, make yourself a checklist. That checklist should; water, headphones and race day bag. Your race day bag should include the following items:

  • Race day bib (if you were required to pick up before the race)
  • Safety pins
  • A change of clothes

Just like shoes, you never want a new outfit for your marathon. Certain apparel pieces cause chafing or discomfort as these issues can become real problems during the latter part of the race.

That’s it!

Now that you know the basic to train and prepare for your first marathon, get out there and get training. If you have any of your own tips to help prepare for a marathon, feel free to comment below!

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