Running 101

running 101

You want to start running, but it’s important to know there is more to it than just lacing up those shoes and getting out there!  There are four basic steps to start a running program. If you haven’t run in a few years, we suggest building up to running with walking and then jogging. But, no matter how you start, it is important to follow these steps.


Step 1 – Having proper running form

Head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the mid-foot upon landing, and arms swinging directly ahead. When running in proper form, you will use less energy to run faster.

Step 2- Don’t overdo it

It is very important that you always listen to your body no matter what exercise you are doing. Run two days with one day off and then three days with one day off. This gives your body time to rest.

Step 3 – Stay hydrated.

It is very important with any workout that you stay hydrated. Performance inspired Pre-Workout Energy Formula or Post Workout BCAA are both great for staying hydrated while working or after working out.

Step 4 – Accessories

Make sure you have good running shoes, comfortable socks, and a killer workout playlist. Listing to music while you work out can help increase energy and motivation.


In conclusion, you don’t need much for running. Just make sure you keep these four steps in mind, and you’ll be a running machine in no time!


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