Muscle Milk vs. Performance Inspired Ripped Whey

Muscle Milk is the sugary, cartoon-adorned breakfast cereal of proteins. It’s flashy, it looks like it would be good, but ultimately it’s going to leave you disappointed and craving something real. It’s intro protein. You don’t need it. You start out with it because the name is recognizable and it’s easy to find, but then one day you wake up and you realize it’s time to take off the training wheels and supplement your workouts with a real protein.

Enter Performance Inspired Nutrition’s Ripped Whey Protein. It’s a whey protein powder for people who are serious about achieving their goals. It’s got more protein, less junk and a little bit of caffeine to give your workouts a boost. If you’re ready for an upgrade, read on and learn why Ripped Protein beats Muscle Milk hands down.


a man who wants to gain muscle is going to have to down a lot of Muscle Milk.

When you’re reaching for a protein powder it’s because you want protein. Why would you reach for a protein powder that doesn’t have the protein you need to meet your goals? When it comes to protein quality, Muscle Milk is lacking. Two scoops of chocolate Muscle Milk Genuine has 32 grams of protein from milk isolate.

The general rule of thumb for protein consumption when you’re trying to gain muscle is 0.5 to 0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, according to Men’s Fitness. A number of studies have confirmed this estimate. One study from the Letterman Army Institute of Research in San Francisco cited by BodyBuilding.com found that subjects on a high protein diet that matched 2.8 grams of protein per day for every kilogram of body weight (0.6 grams per pound of body weight) gained an average of 7.2 pounds of lean mass over the 40-day study. Their protein intake coupled with intense strength training produced some serious results.

By this logic, a man who wants to gain muscle is going to have to down a lot of Muscle Milk. If a 185-pound man wants to pack on muscle, he needs to combine his strength training with 111 grams of protein per day (using the 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight model). That’s almost three and a half servings of chocolate Muscle Milk Genuine! With 310 calories per serving, you’d be chugging 1,075 calories of Muscle Milk alone every day.

Performance Inspired Ripped Whey Protein powder is going to do a better job delivering the protein you need to make your gains. Two scoops of Ripped Whey pack a whopping 50 grams of protein. To get those 111 grams, you’d only need to down 2.22 serving of Ripped. Much more reasonable and much more protein.



Ripped Whey gains the advantage when it comes to caffeine to boost your workouts as well. Ripped Whey comes in two coffee shop inspired flavors, Mocha and Vanilla Latte, and packs 70 milligrams of caffeine from green tea. A moderate amount of caffeine right before you hit the gym has been shown to give your workouts a little something extra. According to Men’s Fitness, 3 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight just prior to a workout or 1 to 2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight during can provide a temporary boost of energy.

A jolt of caffeine might also help you to lose weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine might suppress appetite, reducing the desire to eat for a short amount of time. It could also kick your calorie burning into high gear by stimulating thermogenesis.


Ripped Whey will give you a manageable caffeine jolt from all-natural green tea plus the 50 grams of protein. Muscle Milk Genuine contains no caffeine.


When it comes to taste, there’s no contest. Performance Inspired Ripped Whey Protein is the winner hands down. It mixes well, blends to a smooth finish and never feels chalky or tastes artificial. Ripped Whey comes in two delicious flavors that could have been crafted by your favorite barista. The Mocha and Vanilla Latte flavors are clean, bold and don’t linger long after you’ve finished your drink.



Muscle Milk has come up against some legal accusations regarding its safety and efficacy in the past several years. A 2010 investigation by Consumer Reports found that Muscle Milk may contain potentially unsafe levels of heavy metals and other toxic chemicals, according to WebMD.

“Consuming these kinds of protein drinks on a regular basis can in some cases create the risk of chronic exposure, even at low levels, to heavy metals such as cadmium and lead that can pose health problems, particularly to vulnerable people,” said Andrea Rock, the Consumer Reports editor on the investigation. This means children under age 18, pregnant women and people with diabetes or kidney problems could be doing more harm to their bodies than good by drinking Muscle Milk.

Muscle Milk found itself in more trouble in 2011 when a class action lawsuit was filed against its parent company, CytoSport, claiming that the company marketed its products as a “healthy source of energy” despite high fat and sugar content in its ready-to-drink products. In 2013, CytoSport reached a $5.3 million settlement as part of the lawsuit for misleading consumers.

Performance Inspired Nutrition products are all made to the highest quality standards. It’s clean protein you can trust to provide the nutrition you need without all of the filler thrown into other protein products. The labels aren’t confusing or misleading and the products inside are formulated with the optimal amount of each active ingredient. When it comes down to it, Performance Inspired crushes competitors’ proteins so you can crush your goals.

Ripped Whey Protein is just the beginning. Check out Performance Inspired Nutrition’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about all-natural products that will help you crush your fitness and physique goals.

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