Benefits of Whey Protein for Teenagers

Your teenager is an athlete and just like adult athletes, your teen is looking for an edge. Your teen’s health is very important to you and you’re wondering if Whey Protein is beneficial for your athlete. Whey Protein can benefit your teenager in more ways than muscle gain. Whey Protein can improve memory, reduces stress and help with dental.

What Are the Benefits


Improves Memory in Teenagers – Obviously, whey protein is going to help your teenager in the athletic department. However, did you know it can help them in the class room as well?  Whey protein is known to improve mental capacity and memory. Consuming protein provides your body with amino acids, which are used to make neurotransmitters in the brain.

Reduces Stress and Depression –As you know from experience, being a teenager is a difficult time. Many teenagers suffer from stress and depression due to their hormones changing. If your teenager seems to be over-stressed with school, include some whey protein into their diet. Whey protein will calm the mind and provide relief from stress and anxiety.

Your dentist will like Whey Protein –If your teen is having a lot of dental plaque buildup, give them whey protein. Whey protein contains about 15-20% L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine prevents plaque build-up and tooth decay.

Keeps Bones Healthy –Whey protein can help your teenagers’ bones healthy and strong. The teenage body is still growing. Having your teenager drink whey protein can help minimize the amount of bone breaking a football, basketball or soccer game.


Make your teenager a homemade Protein Shake


Now that you know how whey protein can benefit your teenager, make them a protein-rich shake. You can blend milk, yogurt, fruit, nuts and a scope of Performance Whey Protein.

PI’s Natural Chocolate, Vanilla Bean or Strawberries and Cream Performance Whey helps supplement your regular diet with clean, natural protein. No synthetic additives, proprietary blends, or fillers here. Just honest, all-natural ingredients you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a basic whey protein powder for strength and recovery, weight loss and nutrition, or endurance and power, this tasty formula is the perfect way to naturally improve your performance.

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