The Benefits of Protein by Onica Sinclair

Yes it’s true, up to 60% of us is made up of water. I once heard that humans are like big cucumbers, except with anxiety; however, protein can be considered our building blocks. Most of the parts of our body are made of protein. Our muscles, organs, tissue, bones, skin, blood, and hormones are composed of proteins and a protein deficiency can be extremely detrimental to our health. In order for our bodies to develop, grow, and function properly, we need protein!
When you have a strict workout regimen, a healthy dose (about 25 – 30 grams) of protein every 4 hours is essential in repairing and replenishing your muscles. The added protein also allows for muscles to grow and who doesn’t want to see more muscle definition? Aside from the benefits our muscles reap from protein, our health as a whole can be improved as well. A healthy amount of protein in our systems can to stabilize blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar level is stabilized, your energy levels, cravings, concentration, and mood improve.
Protein also is very helpful for weight loss. Since it helps reduce cravings, you are less likely to engage in unhealthy snacking. It can help your metabolism and when you combine less unhealthy snacks with an increased level of metabolism, this leads to weight loss. Protein makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time because it digests slower and through this digestion, a higher number of calories are burned than it takes to burn carbohydrates and fats. This is called the thermic effect of food, or TEF. Basically, TEF is the amount of energy we used to break down food into smaller and more absorbable portions. You actually burn more calories processing protein than the other two macronutrients.
Because of my workouts and to keep me feeling full at work (skipping meals is a horrible idea!), I always keep a shaker and a tub of some form or another of PI protein available. My go-to for work is the Plant-Based protein. The fiber my body absorbs through the Plant-Based option helps me feel fuller and really helps my digestion. Along with fiber, it contains a generous dose of digestive enzymes which are easy on sensitive stomachs, like mine, and help break down food better. It’s also great for those going for a more vegetarian or vegan diet.
Another great option I turn to for my sensitive stomach is the new Isolate Whey. It is lower in fat and lactose, but still has the 25 grams of protein I need. The reduction in the amount of lactose is much easier on my stomach than other brands of protein I’ve tried. And because it’s an isolate whey, it is absorbed much faster. I like to have this option on hand before bed because I know it’ll be digested quickly and it won’t cause any stomach issues throughout the night which means I sleep better. It’s low in fat, low in carbs, and high protein…honestly, what else could someone ask for, right?
Now for my favorite…PI Ripped Whey!!! I seriously love this stuff. I love to feel the burn while working out, but following up my workout my 8 ounces of Ripped Whey (Dark Chocolate is my favorite) that includes the added thermogenic…watch out! It gives me a boost of energy after my workout which helps to avoid the “crash”. This was the first Performance Inspired product I tried while beginning my journey and why mess with a good thing? I love it now just as much as I loved it the first time I tried it.
All in all, protein is the way to go. As one of the macronutrients our body needs a high dose of, why not go with an option like PI that you can trust to be clean and honest. You need it, so why not go with the best? There is no such thing a magic pill. It takes hard work and healthy eating to lose weight and develop muscles. BUT…if there was a magic pill, protein would definitely be a big par

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