What is meditation?

First, let’s be clear about the definition of meditation.

If you don’t currently practice meditation, you might imagine that the process involves sitting in an uncomfortable position for extended periods of time, breathing deeply, and thinking about nothing. That’s not what meditation is all about.

Meditation is simply the act of focusing your attention to become more mindful. Meditation helps you to rein in your thoughts and stay present in the current workout. You are allowing yourself to finish strong, both with mind and body. By practicing meditation, you can teach your brain to push out the negative or chatty thoughts and focus on the present moment.

Stay consistent to see the benefits

Just like working out, meditating requires practice and persistence to get the best results. You can think of it as taking your brain to the gym. The more you do it, the more the muscles will develop, and the easier it will be to fit into your routine. Also, take care to find a teacher whom you respect to guide you through the process of beginning a meditation practice. This person will essentially be a personal trainer for your brain, so it’s important to find someone you trust.

Benefits of meditation

  • Lower blood pressure     • Improved blood circulation
    • Less anxiety                    • Lower blood cortisol levels
    • Less perspiration             • Slower respiratory rate
    • Deeper relaxation           • More feelings of increased well-being
    • Lower heart rate             • Less stress

The bottom line

Meditation is almost like strength training for the mind, and the benefits you gain will boost your physical performance when you train with weights. So, if you’ve never tried it, consider adding it to your daily routine. You’ll find it improves many aspects of your life, especially if you lead a life filled with too many commitments and not enough time to relax.

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