Use these tips to recover from the Pumpkin Pie and Mashed Potatoes

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you are curled up in your cozy bed ready to fall back to sleep. Unfortunately for you, it’s the time of day when you need to get up and do your workout–the very last thing you want to do after stuffing yourself silly the previous night. So how do you do it? How do you get up and get moving?

Drink lots of water
Getting plenty of H2O is another proven way to deal with digestive issues. And it’s a habit you’ll want to hold onto throughout the holiday season: drinking water fills you up and can prevent overeating.

Start Slow

No matter who you are, your body is going to feel it after a night of heavy eating and drinking. You’re not going to be overflowing with energy, as your body will have spent most of the night digesting all the food and drink you consumed.

Get into your workout slowly, starting out with a walk around the block a few times. Don’t zip out to the gym for a “quick” workout, and certainly don’t jog your normal route. It’s a day to take it slow–you can get back into the hectic pace of full-intensity workouts tomorrow!

Clear the holiday fridge

The feast is over, but the fridge is still full. If you hosted a dinner party, your refrigerator may be brimming with high-fat, high-calorie leftovers —particularly desserts. You need to start with a clean slate. Instead of letting leftovers linger, pack them up for guests to take home, or take them to a homeless shelter immediately after the holiday.

Walk it Off. Don’t forget to have a post Thanksgiving Meal walk. You’ll probably be too heavy to run or do any other form of rigorous exercise. Walking will burn a few calories and let your mind unwind after being stuck inside all day long.


Before you head over to your mom’s house for leftovers, make sure you slip into the gym first. Don’t overdo it though, remember start slow.


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