How PI Nutrition Partners with NBA Player Draymond Green for a Successful Basketball Season

PI Nutrition - Draymond Green Team Up for Successful Basketball Season

As a professional athlete, the health and performance of your body are critical to your career, name, and future. Athletes understand how crucial it is to treat your body like a finely tuned machine, carefully considering every food and supplement you ingest and the physical routine you follow. When you have fans and possibly an entire team relying on you to be at your best, there is no room for taking chances with your health. It is nothing if not a carefully balanced equation, with the desired result being peak performance.

Understanding the Power of Nutrition

NBA star Draymond Green possesses a clear understanding of the power of nutrition and fitness and tailors his lifestyle with his athletic success in the forefront of his mind. Always looking to stay at the top of his game, he has consistently demonstrated an incredible ability to crush his goals and opponents on the court. From two Final Four appearances with the Michigan State Spartans in his college years to being drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2012 to his current present-day reputation as a quick-thinking, intense power forward, Draymond Green has been a leader of the pack.

This same determination and excellence cross over into other aspects of his life as he strives to excel off the court as well. After meeting with the founders of Performance Inspired Nutrition, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd, Draymond realized that he shared a similar mission with them: providing everyone from top professional athletes to the weekend warrior next door with clean, efficient nutritional supplements. Draymond’s passion for physical health and peak performance immediately forged a connection between him and Performance Inspired Nutrition.

PI Nutrition - Draymond Green Team Up for Successful Basketball Season - Mens Fitness “There’s no time for being less than 100% when you’re playing more than 80 grueling games a year alongside some of the best athletes in the world,” said Green in a Men’s Fitness interview. “Adding Performance Inspired to my daily routine offers me a smart, efficient way to train and perform at my best day in and day out. I’m thrilled to partner with Performance Inspired because, like me, they hold themselves to the highest standard of excellence.”

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Draymond Steps Up His Workout Regimen

Since them, Performance Inspired Nutrition has proudly made Draymond Green a part of the PI team. Draymond came on as an owner and full partner, choosing to take a step beyond merely being a paid endorser. Draymond’s belief in the products is so powerful that rather than merely put his name on advertisements for the products he truly wanted to be an integral part of their formulation and development. Wahlberg and Dowd both value this relationship immensely as it gives them incredibly valuable, honest feedback from someone with extensive experience with athletic performance.

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As Draymond embarks on the 2017-2018 season, he is incorporating a variety of Performance Inspired Nutrition products into his daily health regimen. Having had a front row seat to the development of the products, he knows just how much the PI supplements will help him up to his game. For a boost of protein that will keep his muscles in excellent condition, he will turn to one of our clean protein supplements, free of fillers, artificial sugars, and chemicals. Draymond respects his body as the perfect machine that it is and understands the importance of sticking with clean, natural supplements rather than overly processed junk.

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Another of the essential products for Draymond is our innovative Rehydration Powder. This supplement focuses on the critical replenishment and recovery process after highly strenuous activity, like the physically demanding practices and games experienced by a professional NBA player. When anyone, professional athlete or otherwise, exerts significant amounts of sweat during physical activity, rehydrating is crucial.

Performance Inspired has created a Rehydration Powder that delivers this hydration incredibly fast and efficiently without any unnecessary ingredients. Like our other products, there are no artificial flavors and sugars, so you can be confident you aren’t polluting your body with chemicals. With electrolytes, 420 milligrams of potassium and ten micrograms of Vitamin B12, the Rehydration Powder is correctly formulated for athletic recovery.

For Draymond, he will have Rehydration Powder ready just about any time he laces up his basketball sneakers. For big games, drinking it before, after and even during play keeps him at peak physical performance. As a benefit of staying hydrated, he can avoid those painful, distracting muscle cramps that often come with intense physical activity. Keeping his bottle filled with Rehydration Powder ensures he can focus on scoring points and be there for his team.

During practices, staying hydrated is also critical. Professional athletes endure intense, prolonged practices that would put many regular gym workouts to shame. You can imagine that if your profession required that you maintain peak physical fitness as well as expertise and finesse with sport-specific plays, maneuvers, and skills, your practice sessions would be incredibly valuable.

Draymond’s 3 Critical Moves for Success

For Draymond Green to stay in perfect NBA shape, he incorporates a well-rounded workout routine during his downtime. Playing basketball is indeed a full-body sport, requiring every muscle to be ready to perform. Here are some of the critical moves he will be doing during the 2017-2018 season, which can be incorporated into anyone’s fitness routine for a boost in performance.

  1. Cable Pulls
  2. For a real challenge, engage your balance skills as well as your arm muscles by adding a BOSU ball to the classic cable pull. Add a rope extension to the cable and stand on top of the BOSU ball while putting in your reps. For a pro basketball player like Draymond, this exercise works the critical arm muscles used to shoot for the hoop, as well as refining balance so he can be quick and agile on his feet.

  3. Incline Push Ups
  4. Take the standard push up to the next level by placing your arms on a bench or blocks to create an incline. Make sure your elbows don’t flare out and keep your core tight. This move will strengthen your lower chest and triceps, the muscles an NBA player would use for quick passes and shots.

  5. Targeted Cardio
  6. Especially as a basketball player, running up and down the court for hours, cardiovascular conditioning is a crucial element of physical performance. Try cross-training for a low-impact exercise that will produce results.

Above all, Draymond knows that the key to a successful 2017-2018 season and beyond is keeping his body healthy. This involves eating well, challenging himself in the gym and incorporating clean, effective supplements from Performance Nutrition.

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