4 Ways to Stay Fit at the Office!

Work, work, work! It’s all we seem to do nowadays and for most people that means sitting for more than nine hours a day. Don’t let all that time go to waste. Whether you’re on the bus or sitting at your desk, you can make some creative use of your chair time–and give yourself some muscle-toning benefits.

Step 1 – Stand when you can

If you do take the bus to work, stand. Instead of sending an email to the co-worker down the hall, get up and walk over to them to discuss what you need. Stand during phone calls or while typing emails. Standing more can improve circulation, reduce swelling, and improve digestive function.

Step 2 – You can exercise at work


If you’re in an office alone, you have more space to get up and do a few squats during your ten or fifteen-minute break. You can also do lunges and office chair workouts. Now if your office is in an open environment you may feel embarrassed. In this case, you can do workouts like the leg straightener or the foot alphabet. Both are easy to do and aren’t as noticeable.

The leg straightener is exactly what it sounds like. All you’re going to do is sit towards the edge of your chair, lift one leg a few inches up off the ground, tighten your leg muscle and hold for one minute. You can do as many sets of these as you like throughout the day. This exercise is going to work out your quadriceps.

For the foot alphabet, you are going to sit up straight in your chair with one foot off the ground. With the foot off the ground you are going to write the letters of the alphabet with your big toe. This exercise is going to work out your ankles.


Step 3 – Drink more water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking more water also means you’ll have to get up from your desk to fill up your water bottle. This will give you more steps throughout the day. Drinking water will also keep you alert and hydrated throughout the day. Water also makes you feel full and prevents premature hunger and cravings. If you need to spice your water up with some flavor, you can add lemons and limes to it. If you want something that can provided you with Vitamin B and electrolytes try Performance Inspired Re-hydration Powder.


Step 4 – Replace candy and junk food with fruits


Get rid of that cute little candy dish that is on your desk. It’s temptation and honestly, you probably eat most of it anyways. Replace candy dishes with fruit bowls. We’ve all heard the old saying: “Out of sight, Out of mind.” This works with junk food, too. The less you see it, the less you will indulge in it.


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