Matty C Inspired Customer Story

As a customer, I want to share that I’m a big fan of your Performance Inspired products! I have always thought of myself as a healthy guy, but once I hit 40, I had a hard time getting to my target weight and/or fitness goals. I felt I was just “treading water.” After the holidays and my Patriots won the Super Bowl (sorry America), I was back to being heavier than I liked. I felt frustrated. I had started following Mark Wahlberg on Instagram, and I remembered a post where he talked about his early morning workouts and PI products. From there, I felt really motivated and decided to go “all in.” I basically cut down sugars, removed gluten, and started eating organic (as much as possible—we all have to have cheat days!!). With that and PI protein (Performance Whey) and BCAAs, I am happy to say that I am down 25 lbs. in five months—the lowest I have weighed since high school—and I’m in the best shape since I can remember. I just want to say thanks, and if you could share this testimony with Mark, that would be great! I am a Bostonian living in Charlotte and love to keep my Boston roots.


Thanks again!


Matty C.

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