How to Stay Inspired with Back to School

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Step 1 – Set Up a Game Plan

The first thing you want to do to get back on track is to set up a game plan. There is no reason to wait until next week to start. The sooner you get back on track, the easier it will be. Your game plan should consist of your goal, when you’ll be working out, and what to work out. If you need tips on how to design your own workout program, visit our blog post on “Beginner Fitness Tips for Designing Your Own Workout Program.” Remember to start small when designing your game plan; you’re coming back from some time off and are not going to be able to start right where you left off.

Step 2 – Order the Right Product

Once you have your game plan all figured out, it’s time to order the right product. PI-Nutrition.com now has bundles to lead you in the right direction. Currently, we are offering:

·         Workout Starter Supplement Bundle – You are taking that first step to living a more active and healthy life…congratulations! We have pulled together a great variety of products to help you on your mission to become more active. Get started now and stay inspired!

·         Healthy Diet Supplement Bundle – Healthy eating and snacking is easy when you have Performance Inspired products on hand. These low-sugar, low-carb, and high-protein products help keep your energy high and your diet on track. We believe functional foods should not only be functional but delicious!

·         Women’s Fitness Bundle – Ladies, we pulled together the perfect bundle to get or keep you on your healthy and active journey.  Stay inspired and save with Performance Inspired natural and delicious products you can trust. Upgrade your nutrition and jumpstart your fitness with Performance Inspired Nutrition!

·         Hardcore Supplement Bundle – You are already inspired and truly dedicated. Using this group of amazing products together will help keep you on track. You won’t be disappointed with these robust, clean formulas!

·         Weight Management Bundle – Managing your weight is never easy, so let us help. These products will provide the extra support you need to not only reach your health goals but to exceed them!

Every bundle includes:
1) FREE domestic shipping
2) One FREE PI Shaker Cup
3) The best natural products!

Visit here to order yours today at https://pi-nutrition.com/product-category/bundle/.

Step 3 – Eat Healthy On-the-Go!

There is no possible way to eat every single meal at home. There will always be plenty of things going on that will keep you on the go. This time of year, our kids are in school and it’s back to the practices and extracurricular activities. Here are a few simple tips to help you enjoy the time you spend away from home without derailing your fitness goals.

  1. Menu Planning – Not only does it organize meal preparation down to a fine art, but it also reduces ingredient waste. By figuring out recipes and planning meals and snacks the week before, you can ensure no food goes to waste. This also acts as a time saver because you know when, where, and what you’ll be eating.
  2. Eating Fast Food – On the days you have no time to cook or go to a nice restaurant, keep in mind that fast food does not mean fried food. When ordering from a fast food menu, choose something that is raw, steamed, grilled, roasted, or baked or an entrée-sized salad. Also, look for the vegetarian section on the menu.
  3. Eating at a Restaurant – When you’re at a restaurant, your choices can be healthier than fast food. When ordering, try to avoid high-fat add-ons. Request your salad dressing and toppings on the side; this way, you can apply them sparingly.

Order water when you are out and about. Soda and juices are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and empty calories. Make water the beverage of choice for everyone when going out. And, the great thing about water—is it is usually free!

  1. Pack a Snack – For super busy days when you are running around from activity to activity, it is great to pack snacks. A few items you can grab for your snack pack include:
  • Performance Inspired Nutrition Protein Bar
  • Performance Inspired Nutrition Protein Cookies
  • Performance Inspired Nutrition Protein Chips
  • Nuts–Cashews, almonds, or whatever hits your taste buds
  • String cheese.

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean having to forgo healthy eating habits; it just requires some knowledge and organization.

Last Step – Just Do It!

Now that you took the time to research how to do it, just do it! You took time to make a game plan, so why waste that time? One tip to make sure you follow up with your daily schedule and work out is to lay out your clothes the night before. Usually, if you wake up and see your clothes all ready to go, you’ll feel like you are too dedicated to change your mind.

Send us a comment and your healthy tips below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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