How to Tone-up on a Vegan Diet!

Sure, everyone tones-up at a different pace. But, there are myths out there claiming that vegetarian and vegan lifestyles stunt or prevent the ability to build muscle due to a lack of protein. However, vegetarians and vegans can build muscle and get their needed protein just like everyone else!

Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet

Needs for Protein  

While meat-eaters commonly turn to Whey Protein to bulk-up, vegans and vegetarians opt for a source of plant protein. Performance Inspired Nutrition offers a fantastic and delicious Plant-Based Protein for our mindful vegetarians and vegans out there! It’s packed with 20g of Multi-Plant Source Protein and 5g of filling fiber with soothing, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Though there’s no sugar alcohols, gluten, or soy, it does contain honey.

To learn more about PI’s Plant-Based Protein visit: https://pi-nutrition.com/shop/protein/plant-based-protein/

The Workout

Vegans and vegetarians can hit the gym just as hard as anyone else. A couple of solid workout schedule options include: Three days on and one day off, or five days on and two days off. Create a schedule and sequence that works for you and your desired results. Some people do full body workouts, while others do split workouts—totally up to you!


Recovery time for vegans and vegetarians can vary from meat-eaters’.  This is because vegetarians and vegans may opt to skip supplements like our BCAA or Re-Hydration because of the ingredient list. However, everyone is different.


Try to develop a regular sleep routine where you go to bed at a similar time each night of the week. Remove distractions like light and screens for an hour before bedtime, especially if you struggle with insomnia or restlessness. If possible, shoot for eight hours of sleep per night.

Listen to Your Body for a Faster Recovery

Everyone needs time to rest and recover without feeling guilty! The most important thing you can do to recover quickly is to listen to your body. If you are feeling tired, sore, or notice decreased performance you may need more recovery time.

In conclusion

Nothing should hold you back from building your muscle while enjoying a vegan or vegetarian diet!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your awesome article. Actually, It’s very true that vegans and vegetarians are less likely to be overweight than the average person, but this is a deceptive bit of trivia. They do tend to eat fewer calories, stay fairly active, and get more fiber, so many people decide to go vegetarian or even vegan to help boost their health and lose weight. It isn’t quite that simple though. There are still plenty of pitfalls to avoid when trying to lose weight or tone up on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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