Building muscle at a young age.

The gym is not really for kids, not many 16 year olds go to the gym or either way end up achieving the goal they desire. Either way I was hooked.

The hardest thing for a under 18 in the gym is not only the money for supplements and a membership but finding the time and balancing school work was the hardest thing for me, along with a job, there was hardly any time to workout.

However, eventually results came! And results are addictive.

So why do so many people quit? Especially at a young age when you’re young and able. It’s because the quitters look at the entire picture too soon, expecting results in a week or two. When in reality it could take a month to see results, you just have to keep at it. Take it one week at a time and not getting unmotivated from the scale not moving from the day before.

Taking the correct supplements and eating correctly is the most important thing alongside working out itself. It’s especially hard to keep proteins high along with keeping saturated fats low yet mixing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat into your diet because it’s not you doing the cooking. Fulfilling your macros is again, hard in itself because you’re not choosing what you’re going to eat for dinner. My best advice is in the next paragraph.

The rule of thumb for protein as a fuel for muscle growth is 2.4g per kg of body weight so for me, I eat 180g of protein daily. This goal can be to hit especially when you can’t make your own meals/prepare for the day\week ahead.

Therefore it is incredibly important to mix whey protein into your diet – two scoops at breakfast, two scoops after or with dinner. Just like that you’ve had 100g of protein, growing and repairing your muscles. The best one I’ve ever used is the Performance Inspired vanilla, not only does it contribute to muscle growth but it tastes incredibly good which is a bonus! Other ways of filling up on high protein snacks would be 25g of almonds, peanut butter on toast and a Performance Inspired protein bars. These are for a post workout snack along with 2 bananas to replenish the carbohydrates lost during the workout. Your body is an engine and it needs the correct fuel to function and further grow.

In all, working out while being young is no stroll in the park although, if you keep to the basics for example keeping protein high and

sticking to a workout regime that works for yourself, even if it’s unorthodox it may work for you and not others.



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