Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Is your body telling you it’s time to up your protein intake? If you experience any of the below, read on for tips to raise the ante!

Signs Of Low Protein Intake

1) You crave sugar
Constant cravings for sugar and carbs could mean you’re not getting enough protein. If you’re relentlessly snacking between meals and craving sweets, it could be your body’s way of letting you know it’s time to take on more protein.

2) You get sick often
Protein is a key factor in maintaining a healthy immune system because it is responsible for producing white blood cells, antibodies, and blood proteins.

3) You’re experiencing low energy levels
One of the warning signs of not getting enough protein is feeling noticeably weaker.

How To Boost Your Protein Intake

1) Grab a protein shake
This may seem like an obvious solution. However, a simple Vanilla Bean Performance Inspired Whey protein shake will get you 25 grams of protein.

2) Snack on a hard-boiled egg
If you want a meaty, creamy and filling snack on the go, grab a hard-boiled egg. There are six grams of protein in each egg.

3) Add nuts or seeds to your diet
Nuts and seeds are high in protein and contain heart-healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. Some nuts and seeds—such as walnuts and pumpkin seeds—are particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Getting enough protein is very important.

A high protein intake can help you lose weight and gain muscle while improving your body composition and metabolic health. Integrate our easy tips to ensure you’re meeting the need and getting enough protein.

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