How do I eat healthy in the office?

Work. It’s where we spend most of our time (or so it seems). And with the new year (and new resolutions) in full swing, the big question is: How do you stick to a healthier you in the office? Don’t worry, PI is here to help. Follow these tips below to be a healthier you in 2019.

1)   Prep, prep and more prep!

This is the most important tip on our list. If you start prepping your meals ahead of time, you are winning the fight against unhealthy habits in the work place.  Meal prepping is easy and will save you time in the morning and throughout the week! Meal prep different proteins for the entire week and portion them out in containers. Also pack some fruit and veggies for healthy office snacking!

2)   Learn and say the phrase “No, thank you”.

There is ALWAYS food temptations at work. Maybe your company is ordering out for lunch, or someone brought in cake for a birthday. It’s okay to say “no, thank you” in the politest way possible. Don’t be mean about it, not everyone in the office knows your New Year’s resolution.  Thank the person and acknowledge the effort, and then move on. Also, saying “No” to ordering out will save your bank account a few extra bucks a month.

3)   Pack a snack.

We all get hungry in between meals here and there. So make sure you have a snack office drawer. Let’s rephrase that, a HEALTHY snack office drawer. Good snack options are PI Protein Cookies , Performance Protein Bars or Protein Tortilla Chips .   Having these snacks between meals will hold over your hunger and support your 2019 fitness goals!

4)   Get that H2O in.

Water is a very important factor in being healthy and getting your daily intake while at the office is an easy task. Set a calendar reminder on your phone to drink water. Drinking water every 30 minutes will help curb your appetite and will actually keep you energized. Bring a water canteen to work with you to not only save the environment but easily keep track of your intake. If your water bottle is 28 ounces and you’ve filled it up three times throughout the work day, you’re good to go!

5)   Don’t over think it!

Our last tip to help you eat healthier in the work place is to not over think it. Don’t beat yourself up and let one bad choice make you quit. Everyone has a cheat meal here and there. Pick yourself right back up and make better options the next meal. Need motivation and help? Comment below, PI is here for you!

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