Don’t Sabotage Your Workouts in 2019

Nothing is more frustrating than starting a New Year’s Resolution and seeing little to now progress at the start. First off, remember it takes time to see results. And, make sure you’re not sabotaging your goals or you may never see results!

Know that simple mistakes made that could be sabotaging your results can be easily fixed. Below are a few mistakes most people make when starting their New Year’s goals,  and how to fix them.

The first Mistake most people make is that they are not consistent. Yes, we are talking about your workout schedule. We know that your schedule is busy and sometimes to get what you need done, you skip your workout. That is a big N-O. You need to make your workout a regular part of your routine, and a top priority. Whether it’s three days on two days off, or the straight 5 days—you need to set a workout schedule and stick to it. Believe it or not, but the easiest time to work out is in the AM before the rest of your family gets up. Get up 30 minutes earlier and start your day with a workout. You’ll feel better and more motivated throughout the day!

The next mistake many people make is lack of variety in their workouts. While consistency is important, variety is just as important! Try changing your type of workout. Instead of walking for 30 minutes, try jogging for three sets of ten minutes. Doing the same workout day after day gets boring and that can destroy your motivation. Also, your body needs that variety in workouts to ensure every part of your body is getting the exercise it craves.

The last mistake is sleep. I know what you are thinking, you just told me to wake up 30 minutes earlier! Yes, but that means going to bed 30 minutes earlier as well. Lack of sleep is a big contributor to a poor workout performance. You need about 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

There are more ways that we can get in our own way when it comes to exercise. But if you fix these top three common mistakes you are one step closer to achieving your 2019 goals.

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