Will holiday music help my work out?

Listing to music while you work out can help increase energy and motivation—this is important to keep in mind during the holiday season, as you’re likely busier than ever. While you check off items on your holiday to-do list, your typical gym schedule could suffer. The good news?! You can always find time, and keep motivated when you listen to holiday music.

Which type of Christmas music is best?

The best type of music for exercise is thought to be high energy, high tempo songs such as hip hop or dance music. The right song can inspire you to crank out another set or log an extra mile. Here are some reasons to rock out during your next gym session. One workout holiday favorite is NSYNC– “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”.

A good beat can help you keep pace.

We all know music can be fast, slow, loud, quiet, or anywhere in between—which is great for our 5k runners! Making a playlist that can help you slow down and speed up when needed is a great advantage. Even if you are not running a 5k but working out on the treadmill, having a playlist to help you stay on pace is amazing and if you’re jamming, you might not even notice you’re working out!

Music can elevate your mood.

People tend to listen to music based on their mood.  Therefore, having a music playlist that is upbeat and keeps you happy will elevate your mood. Also by choosing upbeat songs, exercisers are more likely to sustain a high level of intensity. No matter what happened an hour ago, you can use your tunes to help you escape negativity and power you through your workout.

Music keeps you focused

Listening to music will cause you to focus on the music rather than the exhaustion you may feel during the workout. Therefore, pushing you further then if you weren’t listening to music.

What are your favorite holiday songs for the gym? Share your ultimate gym playlist below!

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