Multi (Purpose) Vitamin by Onica Sinclair

No one like to be sick during the holiday season.  As a teacher, I’m constantly surrounded my germs and kids that love hugs.  With your body fully firing on all engines, the vitamins you are putting in your body are helping to support your immune system.  What’s my go-to vitamin?  Performance Inspired Whole Food Multi Vitamin.  This powerful combination of probiotics, amino acids, and other complexes have done my body well this season.  Give your immune system a boost!

Growing up, my mom always had Children Flintstone vitamins ready to go for my sisters and me.  It was honestly probably one of the best parts of my morning.  What shape was I going to get?  What flavor?  Oh, the excitement of vitamin time in my house growing up!  As I got older, I drifted away from the vitamins. Actually, I’ll be honest. I was a poor college kids that didn’t want to shell out extra money for a vitamin.  I figured I was fine by eating my vitamins.  Typical college students, getting my protein from the meat of the fast food burgers and burritos, getting my Vitamin C from the mixers of my adult beverages, and getting my probiotics from, wait, what are probiotics?  I was not good to my body and, in return, my body was not good to me.  I ballooned to my largest weight ever and ate without a care in the world.  I was eating for fun, not for fuel.  And I wasn’t exercising!  As I openly admit that in that in writing a sense of guilt falls over me to treating my body, my home, my temple, the only one I’ll ever have, like that.

My next stint with vitamins wasn’t until I started taking Prenatal Vitamins during my pregnancy.  I wasn’t doing it for me; I was doing it for my unborn baby. I wanted a healthy baby, still not yet making the connection between health and vitamins.  After having my daughter, I “dabbled” in the vitamin game, but was never true to one or consistent.  My first commitment to vitamins was when I started using Performance Inspired Whole Food Multi Vitamin.  Like clockwork, I took two tablets everyday with lunch.  What I loved most about them was that they were made for me.  They weren’t men’s’ vitamins.  They weren’t women’s vitamins.  They weren’t prenatal.  They weren’t for a specific condition.  They were vitamins tailored to someone who sought overall health and was making a commitment to a smarter diet and working out.

The more I researched these vitamins, the more I liked them.  My favorite part of this vitamin is that within its high-performance formula, there is an added BCAA portion.  BCAA are essential amino acids that help with recovery and restoration of your body.  It felt good to know I was repairing my body while nourishing it.  The probiotics found in the formula is also a huge selling point.  Performance Inspired’s Whole Food Multi Vitamin contains 1 billion CFU of so many bits and pieces of things that improve overall gut and digestive health.

So it helps your muscles.  It helps your gut.  What else does this little powerful tablet pack?  How about Whole Foods?  We couldn’t write it on the label if it wasn’t true.  What kind of great whole foods concentrates does it have?  Did you get your kale today?  If you didn’t, no worries, it’s in the vitamin.  It doesn’t stop at kale.  It also has whole food concentrates of spirulina, apple, broccoli, spinach, carrot, parsley, beets, green cabbage, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and tomatoes!  Can we say “Super Foods”?

Last, but not least, is the great energizing herbal complex found it in.  As promised, it uses all natural and clean ingredients, so herbal complex shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Performance Inspired uses natural energizing products such as coffee bean extract and other root and plant extracts.  This is the boost many of us need to keep the energy going.  I have taken this vitamin for a little over a year now and I can honestly say I’d never had a bad side effect.  It’s easy on my stomach, great for my focus and energy, replenishing for my muscles, and makes me feel great.  Just a high potency daily formula without the junk like artificial colors and flavors.  We have just what you need to let you power through your day!

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