10 Fun Ways to Stave Off the Holiday Pounds

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The holiday season has begun, which means we are inundated with awesome treats, fun parties, and joyful get-togethers. And with all that, of course, comes the potential to derail your exercise routine and your healthy eating habits.

That doesn’t have to be your reality, though. You can indulge in all of your favorites yet keep yourself from gaining that dreaded weight. You just need to follow a few guidelines. To help you do so, we have some great suggestions for ways you can employ healthy practices and easily make it through the next few weeks without being disappointed by the numbers on the scale come January 1st.

  1. Start your day off with greens.

Performance Inspired recently introduced its Greens for Life—a nutritious blend of greens, mushrooms, and probiotics. Simply mix with water to help improve digestion, boost immunity, increase energy, promote longevity, balance hormones, reduce inflammation throughout the body, and so much more! Because it’s best to drink greens on an empty stomach, starting the day off with greens will keep you from reaching for the cinnamon bun, the donut, or that muffin you’ve been eyeing.

  1. Continue some form of exercise

Whether you’re traveling or just hanging out with family or friends, take some time for exercise. If you can’t make it to the gym, go for a walk, jump rope in your garage, do some squats, or take the family on a bike ride.

  1. Drink a protein shake about an hour before a big meal.

A protein shake will help you feel full so you don’t overeat or reach for something unhealthy. Performance Inspired offers four delicious flavors of whey protein. Shakes make for a great mid-afternoon snack.

  1. Monitor your portion sizes.

With so many parties and get-togethers, it can be easy to fill up a plate and constantly eat. Grab a smaller plate and take small portions of only your favorite foods.

  1. Snack on a protein bar not a cookie

Performance Inspired has tasty protein bars that are sure to fill you up and not bog you down with the extra calories of cookies or other treats. Sweet desserts are awesome, and there’s no need to skip them entirely. But limit your intake, and you will feel better—mentally and physically.

  1. Start a pick-up basketball game with your family.

Grab a ball, go outside, get some fresh air, and shoot some hoops.

  1. Reach for the vegetables.

Snacking can become a habit. So can the desire for something crunchy. Opt for the celery and the carrots rather than the potato chips.

  1. Bake cookies for others

If you’re like me, you will find yourself making several different kinds of cookies to satiate everyone’s different desires. That can add up to a lot of cookies. Turn your good deed for your family into a good deed for others as well. Instead of making and storing dozens of cookies where you can reach them anytime you want, take some to other people who would appreciate them and who need a little holiday cheer. This could be people in nursing homes, nurses, firemen or other service workers, or your kids’ teachers. Sharing treats helps people feel special, and it has the added benefit of keeping you from eating everything you bake.

  1. Weigh yourself every day.

This may not seem like a lot of fun, but knowing your weight will go a long way toward giving you some will power to avoid too much junk.

  1. Get out of the house and explore!

Whether you travel or take time off and just stay home, get out of the house and do something with your family. Sitting around watching TV or scrolling on a phone leads to excess snacking. Google fun things to do wherever you are and go see something you have not seen before. Getting out and moving around will keep you from snacking, and it will help you burn a few calories.

Enjoy the holidays, indulge in some fun treats, but don’t forget to take care of yourself as well!

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