Zinc Benefits for Cold Season

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Our all-natural, value-added ZINC PLUS formula is a must-have supplement this season! Zinc Plus (containing zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6) is a supplement most notably used as a recovery aid, but it can also be used to help boost your immune system. Recent studies show that it also helps the body achieve deeper levels of REM sleep. It has long been used by athletes, gymnasts, and bodybuilders; however, it’s making huge gains in popularity as people begin to understand its benefits.

Our Zinc Plus supplement provides several benefits, including:

Immune system booster

To maintain a healthy immune system, it activates enzymes that break down viruses and bacteria. Zinc fights off infections in cells and keeps the immune system from spiraling out of control. It also plays a role in maintaining skin integrity and structure. In addition, zinc reduces diarrhea, because it is a vital micronutrient essential for protein synthesis.

Better sleep

PI’s ZINC PLUS is a very popular recovery aid that can help your body achieve a deeper level of REM sleep. It is best to take our Zinc Plus capsules on an empty stomach before bed.

Faster recovery after injury

ZINC PLUS is a truly high-quality and robust formula, containing magnesium and zinc, that helps with the restoration and regulation of cellular growth and tissue repair. This supplement  also supports muscle recovery with added B6.

Higher testosterone levels

This formula supports testosterone levels, muscle strength and increased endurance. It is important to recognize that the ingredients in Zinc Plus are not hormones and won’t have steroid-like effects for women. Remember, it’s incredibly important that women just like men maintain healthy hormone levels—including testosterone—even though the amounts needed are different than those of men.

Our bottle contains 90 capsules, which is 30-45 servings.

Zinc’s great for both men and women and is in high demand for good reason….it just works!! Men should take three capsules each day, and women should take two capsules each day, preferably on an empty stomach before bed. It can also be taken when convenient.

ZINC PLUS is very popular for immunity support! Order this incredible supplement to support your immune system this cold season!

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