Mark Wahlberg Shares His Progress with PI Nutrition

Mark Wahlberg Shares his Progress with PI Nutrition

Most people are used to seeing celebrities endorsing products but often we assume they never actually use the products in their daily lives. This is not the case with Performance Inspired’s partner & co-creator Mark Wahlberg.

Check out the below video of Mark sharing his experience thus far in the Performance Inspired program. Utilizing the all-natural whey protein powders, sports nutrition bars, and training supplements Mark shares his experience and growth while preparing for his upcoming movie.


Only five weeks into his latest training and Mark already looks unstoppable and stronger than ever.

Are you pushing yourself to be the best you can be?

Share your progress & successes with us today. We love to hear how Performance Inspired Nutrition has inspired you and changed your life!

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2 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg Shares His Progress with PI Nutrition”

  1. Like you, at 46, it takes a little extra to get to where you need to go. Love the pre-work out with a spoonful of your creatine mixed in. After my workout, I drink one of your delicious shakes. Great products!

    Also, years ago I head you wake up at 4 to start your day… thanks a lot. Now I wake at 5. Keep it going!

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