Is it okay for my child to have protein powder?

kids nutrition in getting essential vitamins and minerals

Benefits of Protein Powder for Kids

Weight management:

If your child or teen has trouble maintaining a healthy weight, protein drinks or protein shakes can be a great way to aid in either weight loss or gain.

Immune system function:

Whey protein not only helps kids develop strong muscles, but it can also boost their natural defenses against infection.

Promotes growth:

Protein powders (whey protein in particular) contain the amino acids needed to help your children grow healthy and strong.

When do kids need protein supplements?

Children with certain illnesses or who are underweight may have a very high protein demand, which cannot be met through diet alone. In this case, your pediatrician or dietician will recommend protein powders that can be consumed for a certain period of time.

If your child plays sports, consult a dietician before starting any protein supplements on your own. Parents should be very careful and not allow their children to consume protein powders or drinks without medical supervision.

How much protein does my child need?

Age Group                     Protein Requirement in Grams


1-3 years                                     16.7


4-6 years                                      20.1


7-9 years                                      29.5


10-12 years                                  39.9


13-15 years                                 51.9


16-17 years                                55.5


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