Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

cardio workouts for weight loss

Cardio is the shorthand phrase for “cardiovascular training.” It is a type of exercise that involves raising heart and respiratory rates, leading to a stronger heart and increased lung capacity. Cardio is often used as conditioning for increased endurance. However, in addition to health benefits that include lowered cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of several diseases, weight loss is also a wonderful result of cardio exercise. Check out these effective cardio workouts for weight loss below to help shed a few pounds:

  1. Jumping Rope – Jump rope is a killer cardio workout. It improves your coordination, boosts your metabolism, and makes you sweat like crazy. Not only is this workout great for you but it’s easy to do inside at home or when you are short on time. And, no fancy equipment is required!
  1. Elliptical – An elliptical machine with handles is one of the few cardio machines that can provide you with both an upper- and lower-body workout. Out of all the cardio machines, the elliptical probably gets the worst rep, because people tend to think it’s boring. But, with the elliptical, you end up burning more calories and fat in less time!
  1. Stair Running – Stair running is known to reduce cholesterol levels. One of the best things about stair running is that you can do it practically anywhere. In order to get a good workout, from climbing stairs, you need to do 10 to 12 steps, one step at a time, one flight up and down. This will burn around 2 to 5 calories!
  1. Keep Your Diet in Mind – Keep sugars and cabs low! Its hard to outpace the fork, so don’t offset your hard work with a poor diet.

To get into great shape, it is generally accepted that some cardio training will be needed. The workouts we mentioned above are great cardio workouts for weight loss! Don’t forget to start slowly, if you’re a beginner, and work your way up to this level of exercise.

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