Author: Amy Carcaise

Training Movement Patterns

Pulling Strong, powerful athletes generally have big, strong backs. A commitment to the proper pulling movements will enhance overall strength dramatically, as well as have a huge effect on posture and overall body composition. Pulling movements consist of rowing and deadlifting patterns. While rows target the lats in a primarily upper-body movement, deadlifting patterns are […]

Training Movement Patterns Rotational Training and Lunging

Rotation Rotational training should play a role in everyone’s routine. Rotation is present in nearly every sport, short of powerlifting and weightlifting. We engage in “rotational” movements every day as a regular part of our lives. Rotational training enables us to stay athletic and avoid becoming too rigid. Rotational movements are combinations and always incorporate […]

What is Recovery?

What is Recovery?   Recovery is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry today. But, dare we ask, what is recovery and what actually helps us to recover? What is the actual purpose of all of these “recovery” devices? I believe, as with nearly every fad at certain times in the fitness industry, that […]


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