Welcome to the TEAM!

Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Jena Gatses and I am newest member of the Performance Inspired team!  I am a physical therapist (PT), strength coach, and performance specialist with a background in exercise science, dry needling, and manual therapy.

I was the first female head coach and PT in NASCAR and Motocross, winning 4 championships with my teams in Charlotte, NC, and have recently relocated to Los Angeles, Ca to expand my practice and work with some of the top names in the fitness and entertainment industry.

This is where I met Mark Wahlberg and the Performance Inspired (PI) team!  I have a strong passion for helping people better themselves and use their full potential through education and awareness, and realized that Mark had developed PI for the same exact reasons–to inspire others to be better!

We have combined forces to give all of you the tools you need to become the BEST versions of yourselves!  PI and I are committed to inspiring people live a more active and healthy lifestyle while giving back to charity and to our communities!

What Kind of Information Can You Expect?


Learn how to get in shape and feel your best with the latest workout trends and tips! Understand how to perform correctly based on your goals and lifestyle.

Injury Prevention

Learn about proper form and how to prevent injury during your workouts and during your daily life. Don’t wait until you get hurt


Get MOTIVATED! Follow me on my journey with my workout routines and therapy techniques to stay focused and stay motivated!


Learn about common mistakes, misconceptions, and false claims related to working out, nutrition, dieting, recovery methods, and more!


Ask questions and get answers! Get real facts from scientific research to help guide you on your path to being a better you 😉 Follow along as we spread knowledge, give back to charity,  and help people all over the world!

I’m INSPIRED!! Are you???? 😉

-Dr. Jena Gatses, PT, LMT, SMFA, CSCS

2 responses to “Welcome to the TEAM!”

  1. Rob says:

    Hi. Welcome and Congratulations! Love the P.I. supplements. I’ve been hooked for 2 years. They’re always coming up with new and improved products. Will you have a regular blog out ? Looking forward for your expertise insight to couple with our P.I. supplements. Thanks!


    • Amy Carcaise says:


      Jena will be posting blogs monthly. To stay up to date with our blogs please sign up for our newsletter. We will be sending out a recap at the 1st of every month.

      Have a great Friday!
      -Team PI

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