Are you getting enough fiber?

high fiber leads to lower cholesterol

You’ve been putting in a lot of work to keep your New Year’s resolutions. You’re hitting the gym everyday but aren’t seeing any results. First: Give it time! The saying goes it takes “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Give it 12 weeks. Don’t QUIT!”

Second, if you’re not seeing any results, you may not be getting enough fiber. If you’re not getting enough fiber you can increase your risk of weight gain.

So how much fiber should you eat?

If you’re female you should be eating 25 grams of fiber a day. If you’re male you should have 38 grams of fiber a day.

Why do I need fiber?

You’re probably sitting there thinking, why is fiber so important? Fiber is important for digestive health, weight loss, and even managing your cholesterol.

Fiber helps with weight loss because fiber produces a feeling of fullness without adding calories (fiber calories are not absorbed by the body) – this can help treat or prevent overweight/obesity. The consumption of fiber promotes regular bowel movements and prevents constipation. It may also reduce the risk of developing colitis and hemorrhoids.

What are some high fiber foods?

Here are a few snack foods that can help you keep your fiber intake up:

high fiber snack bars Inspired Bar = 18 – 20 grams of fiber depending on flavor.

high fiber Pistachios can reduce the risk of developing colitis and hemorrhoidsPistachios 1oz = 2.8grams of fiber

Fiber from Oranges helps with losing weightMedium size orange = 3.1 grams of fiber

Banana fiber helps with losing weightMedium size Banana = 3 grams of fiber

Now that you know why fiber is so important and how much you need. That New Years resolution should be no problem and you won’t have a road bump along the way!

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