2019 fitness gifts

Pi-Nutrition offers the best 2019 fitness gifts for all! Find the gift that’s perfect for someone below.

Your Workout Buddy

This is probably the easiest person on your list. You already know what supplements he/she uses and what he/she is running low on. However, maybe your fitness buddy just stocked up with all the supplements he/she needed on Black Friday. Now what do you get him/her?

How about an Inspired Workout Towel?

The Inspired Workout Towel will keep the sweat out of your gym buddy’s eyes and keep him/her cool!

It’s a great, easy gift—and, lucky for you, it’s on sale today for $8.99!

Click here to order your gym buddy a great and thoughtful gift!

Your Gym Rat Sibling

PI has a few ways to check your gym rat brother or sister off your list!

Option 1 – A Shaker Cup 


A Shaker Cup is a great gift for not only your siblings but also for any gym rat.

It’s a safe and easy gift for anyone who goes to the gym.

You can never have enough shaker cups!

If your sibling is a Mark Wahlberg fan, a Digitally Signed Protein Blender Bottle is the perfect choice. Performance Inspired offers a Mark Wahlberg Digitally Signed Protein Blender Bottle in blue or green for only $9.99!

Click here to order your sibling a great and thoughtful gift!

Option 2 – New Ear Buds

Chances are the gym rat on your holiday list uses ear buds religiously. And, chances are, they’re getting gross. Ear buds are a great gift for anyone on your holiday list—not just siblings. If you are feeling really generous, you can always buy them ear buds and a shaker cup! Ear buds would fit perfectly inside the shaker cup for wrapping.

The Buff Colleague

This is probably the toughest person on your fitness holiday list. He comes into work every day with a protein shake or is drinking BCAA throughout the day. So, what do you get him? First, hint around and see what products he’s using. Ask him what he is putting in his protein shakes and what flavor BCAA he likes best.

If your colleague is always on the go, it would be a good idea to get him Performance Whey Protein (box of 12) or Performance Inspired Ready 2Go Protein (case of 12). These products allow your colleague to take an afternoon snack or meal replacement on the go as well as providing a quick pick-me-up on the way home from work.


Maybe your gym class or fitness gym is having a white elephant exchange. What do you bring that fits in the $20.00 or under category? We have the best ideas for your 2019 fitness gifts.

If it’s an all-women holiday exchange, bring a PI Ladies Gathered Racerback Tank.

Pink Racer Tank Front 600x600 1

This racerback tank come in three different colors and is only $18.99.

For a men’s holiday exchange, bring a PI Men’s Tank.

This men’s tank comes in two different colors and is only $18.99.

It’s both comfy and ideal for the gym.

For a co-gender holiday exchange, you could also always do the Inspired Workout Towel or Shaker Cup.

Or, if you know everyone in your office loves to snack, you could bring a box of Performance Protein-Bars (Box of 12).

These bars are only $26.99 and will bring joy to any co-worker.

Perhaps you have other ideas for holiday gifts. Comment below, because we’d love to hear from you.

Your KETO Diet friend

Have a friend on the Keto diet?  We have the perfect gift for you to give!

Keto Cookie Mix

Our Keto Cookie Mix is a great way to not only celebrate the holiday season but can also be a great gift! Order this amazing keto mix today for only $11.99!

You can also get our delicious Keto-Bars! We offer two amazing flavors—PBJ and Chocolate Avalanche. These are sold by the box, with 12 bars in each box. These are currently BOGO50 for $24.99 a box!

Did we miss someone on your gift list?!?! OH NO! Comment below and we will recommend the perfect 2019 fitness gifts for that person!

Thanks and Stay Inspired!

Team PI

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