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Support ketosis and your healthy low-carb and low-sugar diet with a BIG 15g of smart fat and natural keto macros that deliver real results in a delicious and clean, high-fiber bar. We have the macros that matter!

Stop grabbing junk food when you’re hungry and choose low-sugar, clean nutrition that helps with satiety and your diet and fitness goals. All of our great-tasting bars focus on high-value nutrition in one convenient and natural formula that you can trust and that you will love eating. So, go get on your Peloton, get into the gym, or simply use these bars to boost your energy for a long, healthy walk and refuel with our amazing diet and fitness nutrition products!

No sugar alcohols, no soy, and they’re gluten free! Nothing artificial with amazing natural flavors you will love! Raise the bar with dieting support you can trust that is both value packed and amazing!

These bars are delicious! Read about them in this excerpt from the December 2019 Men’s Journal:

Wahlberg asks if I’ve tried the products, which I haven’t. “Are you a peanut-butter-and-jelly person?” he asks. “Chef, please bring a Keto Peanut Butter and Jelly bar,” he says to his personal chef, Lawrence, who has brought Wahlberg a lunch of grilled chicken and asparagus with blistered tomatoes. Lawrence returns with a box of bars, presenting them like a humidor of Cohibas.

“I want you to tell me exactly what you think,” Wahlberg says. I peel back the wrapping and take a tentative bite. Because if it’s bad, I’ll need to decide if today’s the day I lie to Mark Wahlberg. In fact, it’s pretty good. I tell him it tastes like the middle of a PB&J that’s been sitting in a lunch box for a few hours.

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Support a healthy diet with the added nutrition of our clean and robust convenient proteins, cookies, chips, protein water, and bars that will give you:

  • A weight loss and nutritional boost
  • Help with making healthier choices you will love
  • Replacement options for bad choices in weak moments
  • Help with sticking to your diet and nutritional program
  • Alternatives to your normal routine that will help you feel better and do more with clean nutrition
  • Help with managing weight and lean mass objectives (perfect for any athlete or activity level)

Plus, our products are perfect for anyone recovering from a health setback to supplement protein intake.

Compare our natural products, and you will upgrade to Performance Inspired. (Sold by the box. Contains 12 Keto-Bars.)

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We very are proud of this natural, clean, and value-added formula! Our Performance Keto-Bar is a delicious and clean high-fiber bar that supports your Keto Diet or that can simply be a healthy option for natural snacking.

It contains no added sugar or sugar alcohols like you find in many other bars, just a clean and natural taste profile you will enjoy as a treat or meal. Our bars provide high fiber to help with satiety and healthy digestion. Our keto macros make the difference: 14-15g of healthy fats, 13g of fiber, with only 5-6g of net carbs and 3g of sugar. 

Our wonderful natural flavors and sweeteners help support weight-loss goals and offer numerous overall health benefits. Our Keto-Bars are an excellent addition to anyone’s diet. These high-quality and unique bars are especially great for those living the low-carb, low-sugar ketogenic lifestyle.

Make KETO dieting EASIER and convenient with naturally flavored PI Performance Keto-Bars and our low-sugar powders and other products.

The Ketogenic Diet can be tough to stick to when you travel or are running out the door. Don’t make excuses to cheat on your diet when you have healthy options! Our healthy low-sugar products support your busy life with on-the-go solutions you can trust that will support your active lifestyle. We provide the macros that matter!

Check out our whole line of natural, healthy protein and low-carb/low-sugar products. All engineered to help support your overall active lifestyle!

Inspired To Be Better with natural products you can trust!

(Sold by the box. Contains 12 bars.)

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5 responses to “Performance Keto-Bars (Sold by the box, Contains 12 bars)”

  1. Vick Rogia says:

    “These Keto and Protein bars, Chips and Cookies taste so good you’ll feel like you’re cheating!” – Vick Rogia

  2. Johnnymacdee says:

    Wow! The Keto Bars are amazing. The Chocolate Avalanche is insanely good. Thank you!

  3. Stephen says:

    These are the best tasting, healthy, clean bars I have ever tasted….and I have tasted tons! Great job developing a top-shelf product!

  4. Tried these from my Cuzn @morgan_motivation7 and I have to say I love these protein bars!! I’ve tried almost every protein bar out and none compare to the taste and ingredients of these PB&J protein bars. Love the gluten free and definitely will be buying these!!!

  5. mcancilla04 says:

    I bought both the PB&J and Chocolate Avalanche Protein bars for my endurance rides and hikes for a high quality, tasty, easy to carry, and nutritious snack. I have tried many of the top brands and have my favorites but PI bars are superior in all areas and reasonably priced. Thank you!

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