Why Ripped Whey?

It’s probably strange to some to see the popularity of Performance Inspired’s Ripped Whey protein. Initially, the combination of caffeine with whey protein may seem a bit odd. Whey protein’s primary use is as a recovery aid post workout. Assuming that we consumed caffeine through a pre-workout supplement before training, why would we want caffeine post workout?

Why is Ripped Whey so popular, and why should you consider adding it to your routine?

  • Whey protein is the gold standard for post workout recovery. Whey is a fast-digesting protein that jumpstarts the body’s recovery process after the stress of a training session. Post training, your body craves calories to replenish and repair the body’s energy and muscular systems; however, consuming the right kind of calories can go a long way in the facilitation of normalized physiological repair.
  • Some research has indicated that caffeine can benefit the recovery process. Adding caffeine to whey protein creates a supercharged recovery compound. Overconsumption of caffeine can be harmful and is a legitimate concern to many, which is why a serving of ripped whey contains less caffeine than an 8-ounce cup of coffee—enough to benefit the recovery process without overstimulating the nervous system.
  • Protein is filling and satisfying to the body. A diet rich in carbohydrates requires the frequent consumption of carbohydrates throughout the day (unless you want to be hungry all the time!). A diet rich in proteins is more satisfying to the body. Furthermore, Ripped Whey contains digestive enzymes, l-carnitine and l-tartrate to keep your body operating optimally.
  • For those who aren’t afraid to add some quality fat to their diet, consider adding some coconut oil into a cup of decaf (or regular if you’re feeling frisky) coffee and blending in a serving of Ripped Whey. Add in some cream, and you’ll get a delicious, frothy cup of delightfulness that will hold you over well past lunch. The combination of fats, proteins, and caffeine is a cravings killer, while also giving you energy to crush your morning.

What are you waiting for? Jump on the band wagon, and add some Ripped Whey to your life!

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