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“Another year gone by” . . .  “another birthday” . . .“I hate my birthday” . . . “I feel so old” . . .  ugh!   Well it’s a good thing I’ve never uttered those phrases.  It’s the day of your birth, go out and celebrate life!  Heck, yeah, and for me this past August, I hit the big 50!  I could not wait to turn a half century.  My life has been filled with so many blessings I can’t even think to count them, but I wanted more to celebrate my life’s accomplishments.  So, last year, I set a few personal goals for myself, and I conquered each of them with the help of Performance Inspired.


This year I set out to complete three Spartan obstacle course races to attain the Spartan Trifecta.  For me to reach this goal meant  not only finding myself at the gym or hiking or running for miles on end or modifying my eating habits, but I had to change the way I thought, too.  The way I thought about myself and the way I wanted to feel once I achieved my goals.  I also wanted to shed some body weight, but my focus was not solely on the scale.  I wanted to drop body fat to help alter my physical appearance.  I also set out to even wear smaller clothes.  I hated wearing XL shirts but that was all that fit me for years.  So, nearly a year ago when I contacted PI, I even told them that by the time my birthday comes around, I will be wearing a size L shirt.


As an asthmatic, running and training hard was definitely not in my favor, but I still pushed myself.  I never gave up.  I always kept my focus on my goals which were always at the forefront.   As I adjusted my diet, I sought supplementation from PI.  I began using their Performance and Ripped Whey and incorporated BCAA powders.  These helped to increase my protein intake and round-out my daily nutrients to help out during my strength training.  I added their creatine into the mix as I was focused also on muscle growth and filled in with Performance protein bars occasionally for snacks, too.

With each Spartan race I completed and body fat dropping and clothes getting looser, I knew I was on the right track.  Thanks to PI, I was well on my way to reaching my goals with ease.  A huge thank you to the many who make PI possible to help folks like me achieve their goals.  I am proud to say that I am 50 years old and have crushed each of my goals I set this year.  My awesome wife Lori raced alongside me as I completed my trifecta, and it was one of the greatest days.  My drawers are now filled with dry-fit and tank top shirts.   I couldn’t even tell you the last time that was possible, but they are and I feel great!  PI is certainly a part of me and I will continue to use their products as this 50-year-old still has many more years and goals to conquer!


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