How to Sneak More Fitness Into Your Day

sneak more fitness into your day

I know, you’re thinking it’s not possible to get a workout in. You have kids to take care of, you work too many hours, and the gym is just too far away. That’s why we’re providing you with the answers on how to sneak more fitness into your day in ways that will have you and your family getting active in no time.

Option 1 – Morning Workout

The first thing you want to do in the morning is earn your shower! Studies show that physical activity in the morning leads to a more proactive day. Thinking you already lose enough sleep and need to sleep in? No worries! You only need ten minutes for this workout.

How does this sound?  Stretch for 2 minutes, do 1 minute plank, add 2 minutes of jumping jacks—well, look at that—you’re already 5 minutes in! Take a 30-second break, do wall sits for 2 minutes, do sit ups for another 2 minutes, and, bam, just like that, you’re done.  I know what you’re thinking . . .  that only totals 9.30 minutes.  Not to worry.  The other 30 seconds is accounted for in transitioning to the next workout.

What an easy way to start your morning and get that workout in!

Option 2 – Don’t Just Watch Your Kids Play Sports–Get Involved

Having a child who plays sports can eat up a great deal of time. There are hour practices after school, having to be at games an hour before hand, and more. But, this time is your workout time! But, don’t let this stop you.  While your child is at soccer, football, dance, or whatever activity it may be, work out! A lot of these activities take place at a school.  You can walk around the outside of the school during practice or you can even walk or jog on the track if it’s available. This is also great because there are other parents at practice, and this means you have a workout buddy! Take advantage of this “dead time” and make it workout time always!

Option 3 – Work Out on Your Lunch Break–For the Desk Job Employees

If you are one of the lucky employees with an hour lunch, why aren’t you working out?  You have 15 minutes for changing, 30 minutes to work, and another 15 minutes to get to and from the closest gym or park in your area.  And, you can still eat at your desk while you work!

Option 4 – Get Off the Couch

We all know we can’t miss our favorite TV shows, but did you ever think about working out during them?  Lots of gyms have TVs.  Bring some headphones and get on the treadmill during that can’t-miss show.  You say you aren’t able to the gym?  No problem.  Just make out a commercial workout schedule. For example, every time a car commercial comes on, do 10 sit ups.  For a fast food commercial, hold a plank for the whole commercial.  Now you have no excuse for not working out just because your favorite show is on TV.

As you can see, there are tons of answers on how to sneak more fitness into your day with a busy schedule.

Have your workout option planned on your schedule and comment below how you fit in your fitness commitments…we would love to hear from you!

Thanks and Stay Inspired!

-Team PI

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