Turmeric Curcumin: Nature’s GOLD by Onica Sinclair

why use turmeric curcumin natures gold

You might have checked out Performance Inspired’s website and products and spotted the Turmeric Curcumin tablets and wondering why we’re offering a “spice” supplement with all of our other awesome products.  Well, in our mission to provide natural and effective products, it was no-brainer to offer something as great as powerful as an all-natural supplement that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric contains curcuminoids, curcumin being the most important. People can usually find this spice (it’s actually an herbaceous flowering plant from the ginger family) added to food like curry, but unfortunately, the small dose we get from food doesn’t allow for maximum benefits.  For the best results, we need about 1 gram per day.  To reach this dosage, it is recommended that individuals take an extracted supplement.  Performance Inspired offers exactly what you need.

Chronic inflammation contributes largely to many of the Western diseases we are in the fight against.  Things like heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndromes, Alzheimer’s, gastric conditions, and various degenerative diseases all stem from one type of inflammation or another.  This inflammation not only affects our internal organs, but our joints as well.  Inflammation is the main factor of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or inflammation of the joints.  Turmeric can help calm this inflammation and when our joints feel better, we can better utilize them throughout various activities such as exercise which leads to a healthier life.

When it comes to heart disease, turmeric helps by improving certain functions of important parts of our heart.  One of these is the endothelium, the lining of our blood vessels.  Because endothelium regulates blood pressure and blood clotting, improving the function greatly helps heart health and reduces the risk of heart disease.  Some studies have even shown that an adequate dose of curcumin is almost as effective as exercise or prescription drugs when it comes to heart health.

Heart disease is the number 2 cause of death, it is only beat out by cancer.  If I tell you turmeric curcumin helps with the risk and spread of cancer as well, it would seem like a common sense to take it and wonder why you haven’t been on it already, right?  Well, it does!  Turmeric Curcumin can reduce the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, also known as angiogenesis, as well as metastasis, the spread of cancer.

Turmeric curcumin also helps our brain with essential hormones.  This particular hormone, called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), can greatly affect how we function when we don’t have enough in our system.  Decreased levels of BDNF can lead to depression and brain degenerative diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s. With turmeric curcumin boosting levels, it helps our brain fire off transmitters such a serotonin and dopamine which can greatly help with depression.  And women, when the depression is really getting to you during your dreaded time of menstruation, turmeric curcumin can help. It can also help with other menstrual issues such as mood swings, headaches, excessive bleeding, bloating, and cramping.

Speaking of bloating, turmeric curcumin is also great in helping with gastric issues.  Many individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) swear by turmeric curcumin because it reduces the inflammation in your gut, easing stomach pain and diarrhea.  Other gastric conditions it helps with is the occurrence of heartburn, along with more serious conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Your liver can also greatly benefit from the use of turmeric curcumin.  It stimulates the lymphatic system which reduces the levels of toxicity in your body.  This toxicity can lead to cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.  Along with reducing toxicity, it also reduces LDL, the main cause of high cholesterol.  It can also lower blood sugar for those battling diabetes.

All of the internal benefits should be enough to convince you, but if it’s still not enough, let me discuss the external benefits.  SKIN!  Because turmeric curcumin fights off free radicals, it can fight off wrinkles, leading to delaying aging.  It also inhibits the growth of nasty pimple-causing bacteria and powerfully reduces oil secretion by your sebaceous glands, also an element that causes pimples and acne.

Turmeric curcumin gives curry it’s golden color, but when you think about it, with all of it’s benefits, it’s also worth it’s weight in gold.  It helps fight off the top causes of death we face and when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it makes sense to cover all your bases.  Exercise and activity is great, but why not give your health and quality of life as much support as your possibly can.  Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.  I usually like to end my blogs with a quote and I couldn’t have found a more perfect one than the words spoken by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.  The beautiful poet and author so eloquently said, “Each spice has a special day to it.  For turmeric it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter-colored into the bins to be soaked up glowing, when you pray to the nine planets for luck and love.”

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  1. I’m a 30 year old female. I can start taking this now? Do I take it everyday? When is the best time to take it? After a workout, in the morning, or at night? If so, is it one I have to take for the rest of my life? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to do this the right way. Thank you.

    1. Vanessa,
      No need to apologize for all the questions! You do not need to take Turmeric the rest of your life. However, you can if you choose to do so. You can take Turmeric in the morning with your breakfast. Everyone seems to take it at the best time, take it at different times and see what is best for you.
      Let us know if you have any other questions Vanessa.https://pi-nutrition.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form
      Stay Inspired!
      -Team PI

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