Signs It’s Time to Take a Rest Day

1) You’re always sore

This one is a little obvious. Sure, a bit of muscle soreness after a workout is totally normal, especially if you’re newer to exercise or you’re switching up your routine. However, you shouldn’t be sore every day. If this is the case, take a rest day! You should let yourself rest 24 – 48 hours before hitting up the gym again.

2) Your pee is dark yellow.

If your pee is dark yellow, this means you’re dehydrated.  Being hydrated is very important, so if you’re dehydrated take the day off and drink up on your Performance Inspired Re-Hydration Powder.

3) You’ve hit a plateau. 

If you feel like you are at a plateau and can progress forward, taking a day or two off may help push things in the right direction. Want to know what to do when you hit a plateau? Visit our How to Break a Fitness Plateau Article.


If you’ve experienced any of the signs that you’re overworking in the gym, take the signs from your body and give it a day off. A little R&R is just what your body ordered!

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