F45 Challenge Performance Bundle (with Whey Protein)

This special F45 Performance Bundle was handpicked by F45 Registered Dieticians to help support those participating in the F45 challenge! This performance bundle includes:

  • Performance Whey Protein (choice of flavor)
  • Post-Workout BCAA (choice of flavor)
  • APEX Pre-Workout (choice of flavor)
  • Micronized Creatine Powder – Unflavored
  • FREE! Performance Sport 28 oz Shaker – Green (Digitally signed by Mark Wahlberg)

Perform at your best and crush your F45 challenge goals with the F45 Performance Bundle. Order today!

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1 × APEX
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Product Information

Ready to take it up a notch? The performance bundle has you covered for pre, intra, and post workout. This is for the F45 athlete looking for that special edge!

This bundle contains:

Post-Workout BCAAs

BCAA’s may:

  • Promote and aid in muscle growth
  • Reduce the effect of muscle soreness
  • Increase energy if consumed during your workout


Pre-Workout may enhance focus, energy levels, and stamina. Plus, muscle endurance & repair!

Performance Whey Protein

Most of us know protein intake is important for muscle growth. Ideally, most of this comes from food alone- but adding in a protein powder supplement can be an easy & convenient way to increase your protein intake!

Creatine Powder

While creatine itself doesn’t actually build muscle, it can give you a boost to get those few extra reps that you couldn’t get before, leading to increased strength and the gains you’re after!


**It’s important to remember that nutrition & health isn’t one size fits all. Before changing or starting a new supplement regime, consult with your medical provider.**

f45 training approved

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paigey Rollins

Arrived fast and all taste good!

Not my favorite

The protein is very watery and not flavorful. The pre workout and bcaa’s have a taste that I’m not a fan of.

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