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More Energy for Mom

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jessica, and I am a stay-at-home mom of twin boys. I have always been into fitness, especially before I found out I was pregnant with the twins.

When I was pregnant, I thought it would be easy to get back into shape, but boy was I wrong! When I had the boys, they were two months premature, so they were in the NICU for 80 and 42 days. It was the scariest and most emotional time of my life. We had many ups and downs.

Fast-forward to bringing the boys home. I was okay for a week or so, and then I began to have severe postpartum depression. I struggled daily—emotionally, physically, and mentally—and would pick out every single flaw in myself. More energy for the mom life was a constant need and everything was crashing down around me (or so I thought). After a few months of this, I thought that, if I could just fix my mentality toward myself, then I could fix my mentality toward everything else.

So I began to work out again, and I have stuck to it every day since! My family was my motivation to get my butt back in gear to be the best mother I could be. I was taking different nutritional supplements, and at the end of my workout, I would feel horrible and sick. I began to search for something different, and that’s when I found PI supplements! I placed my first order and absolutely fell in love. I love that they are all-natural and do not give me that sick feeling after my workouts. All the energy I need is fueled by these amazing products!

To have more energy for the mom life, I take the pre-workout, BCAA, creatine, multivitamin, turmeric curcumin, collagen, and the best of all is the Diet & Energy Ripped Whey protein! It’s my absolute favorite! I have seen some big changes from switching to these products, and as long as they make them, I will never change. My transformation isn’t dramatic, but it’s mine, and I am darn proud of it! I will keep crushing, and I hope this story can help someone who is dealing with the same struggles I had.

There is something positive waiting in your future, once you bust through all that negative. Performance Inspired Nutrition has helped me change my life, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Love always,


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