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My name is Chris J. Nolze, and I’m a brain cancer survivor of around 12 to 13 years (I’m now 24 years old). I received radiation therapy for my cancer, which thankfully destroyed it.  But, everything left me with subsequent medical issues, requiring over 20 surgeries since my initial diagnosis in 2007. For a large portion of my life, I wasn’t medically cleared to do much in terms of working out, aside from walking and controlled exercises in physical therapy. In the middle of all of my health battles, I even ended up having a small stroke. I need to use a cane when walking in order to help me with the vestibular loss (balance issues) that the stroke left me with, so I’ve been extremely limited. In the past couple of years, though, I’ve been inching along into being cleared to do more. I’ve been able to start going to the gym and work out more. Once I started doing that regularly, I made my first order of PI-Nutrition and have been using it here and there when I’m able to afford it in between paying medical bills and everything.

In addition to that, my mom, who has been by my side through everything, was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer last year. She has had some serious complications in her battles, too.  Unfortunately, she’s lost a lot of weight and muscle as she hasn’t been able to move around as much and was actually bedridden for close to a month due to serious infections and abscesses she had near her liver. My stepfather and I recently started making my mom protein-rich smoothies/shakes to help her get more nutrition and hopefully pack some weight back on. She really doesn’t like the taste of protein powder and most protein shakes.  I had her try some of the Vanilla Ice Cream PI-Nutrition Performance Protein Powder, and she actually can handle the taste of it. We’re not sure if it’ll even matter, as I’m sure you get countless “stories” all the time of how your products have impacted the lives of others. Your products have really had a large impact on our family, and we just wanted to thank you. Please keep it up.

~Chris J. Nolze

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